Gardening Ideas

Caring For Rose Plants

Rose flowers are beautiful but the thorns are painful. Caring for rose plants and rose bushes is even more painful. Right from choosing the variety to pruning, rose plants need regular and constant care for as long as they live. It will not be wrong to suggest that, plant the rose plants only of you […]

Hydroponic tips

All About Indoor Hydroponic Gardening You Can Learn

Before you begin, its important we understand a few things and analyze a few situations. First of all, Why hydroponics. Why indoor hydroponics and what is hydroponics in the first place. Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. But why go into the hassle of growing plants without soil while plants can grow […]

Gardening Ideas

Humidity Affects Plants & Vice Versa

Humidity is the invisible water content in the air. The relation between plants and humidity is that under low humidity when the air moisture is low the plants tend to have more transpiration or loss of water through their stomata. The transpiration is low when the humidity is higher. But each plant has an optimal […]

Gardening Ideas

Vinegar – A Wonder Tool In Garden

The white distilled vinegar has its use in the garden also. Being acidic is its main advantage. It can be used on plants, weeds, gardening tools and even on the garden bed to distract the pestering animals and birds away from the growing plants. These clever uses of vinegar will be a greater help than […]

Gardening Ideas

7 Plants That Can Clean The Indoor Air

Everyday our clean house has many chemicals lurking around. It is not easy to get rid of all of those chemicals especially when it comes from everyday items like cleaning solutions, colognes, perfumes, plastics and other sources. However it is possible to lower the concentrations of these chemicals in our breathing air. There are great […]

Gardening Ideas

Tower Garden Maintenance

A tower garden is a space saving garden design. It can hold at least 20 plants in a regular sized tower. Since it works on hydroponics the plants will grow faster and gets more yield. To have smooth functioning of this gardening equipment maintenance is essential. How To Maintain A Healthy Tower Garden Maintaining a […]

Raised Beds

Easy Way to Make A Raised Bed

Raised beds are the safest way to grow plants in garden. The raised level does not allow small animals and other creatures to destroy the plants growing. The unwanted grass and weeds will stay away from the growing plants and make it easier to pluck them out. It also provides an attraction to the garden. […]

Gardening Ideas

Kitchen Herb Garden Tips

Who would not love to have fresh herbs to add in the dishes? An indoor kitchen herb garden will save both time and money and ensures the availability of fresh herbs anytime you want. The advantage of the fresh green herbs available in market is that they can be planted in a container or suitable […]