1000W Crop King Magnetic Ballast MH/HPS 120/240V

The 1000W Crop King Magnetic Ballast MH/HPS 120/240V is one of its kind in giving a helping hand to grow healthy yields. Operating both MH and HPS grow lights, the Crop King Magnetic ballast comes with a powder coated steel housing and convenient vents that keeps the equipment cool.

The main intention of owning a ballast is to control the light work and prevent any overload keeping your system safe at all times. 1000W Crop King Magnetic Ballast MH/HPS 120/240V is currently one of the favored system by many indoor gardeners who want to get better yields without negating energy bills. Though with the progressing generation, many people prefer electronic ballasts, they come with a heavy price such as expensive magnetic ballasts, easily prone to electric damage, operate on high frequency.

The 1000W Crop King Magnetic Ballast MH/HPS 120/240V possess good features that can be beneficial for your plants. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • For starters, the ballast comes with Aerovox capacitors that are the leading manufacturers of quality capacitors. This makes the product an absolute worth that can save you good on your energy bills.
  • You can easily mount it on walls or ceilings as it is absolutely convenient to carry and comes with easy handles to hang them easily at any area of your grow tent. The powder coated steel housing makes the product durable preventing them from any abrasions or any other wearing off conditions.
  • The 1000W Crop King Magnetic Ballast MH/HPS 120/240V comes with multi-tap capability (i.e. they work on any voltage of 120v or 240v) and two universal sockets that goes well with any type of reflector.
  • The 1000W Crop King Magnetic Ballast MH/HPS 120/240V speaks full power at all times without shooting up your energy bills. Since the ballasts gives a steady watt, you need not be bothered about any current overload or frequent flickering of your grow lights.
  • The best feature of your magnetic ballast is with just a flip, you can switch between your grow lights – MH and HPS.
  • Determining on the stage (the level of growth) of your plants, you can choose the lights for your plants – MH and HPS. For instance, while MH is used during growing/vegetating stage, HPS is best used for flowering stage. Many garden lovers use MH and HPS lights as it helps in continuing the cycle of your plant life. It is best to buy quality and compatible grow lights as it will increase the efficiency of your lamps and ballast as well.
  • The resin coating that is affixed internally gives a strong protection to the inside components giving them a long life.
  • You will also notice that the ballast features designed vents on either sides to exhaust heat and keep the system cool all the time.
  • Lastly, the rubber feet will silence the system by controlling the vibration and noise, making your grow tent serene at all times.

The system comes with an operating manual that features do’s and dont’s that ensures that the product lasts a lifetime for you. The 1000W Crop King Magnetic Ballast MH/HPS 120/240V comes with three different warranty (1 full year, 5 year limited and 30 day satisfaction). So in case you feel the product is not up to the mark, simply return within a period of 30 days and you will be getting your money back. So stop wondering and start growing.