Mini Sunburst HPS 150W Fixture w/ Lamp

HPS or the High Pressure Sodim lights are considered the best grow lights for creating sunlight like impression on the plants. HPS lights can provide a wide spectrum light that has better penetrating capacity than any other lights. The 150 watt HPS for grow systems are used for those commercial grow box systems that are small in size. It is a compact grow light that fits into a small ballast. This compact light is highly efficient to deliver higher intensity light that makes the light reach every plant that grows in a compact grow box system or area.

The 150 watt HPS lights used for grow systems can deliver 2100 lumens depending on the brand. They work for around 24,000 hrs.

  • It provides an ideal color spectrum for indoor gardening. The light provided falls in the red to blue range.
  • The 150 watt HPS grow lights are more suitable for flowering and fruiting stages. But it may also be used as a full term grow light as well. It does provide the red and blue spectrum so there shouldn’t be any problem. It is an excellent choice for herbs.
  • Most 150W HPS grow lights can be positioned either horizontal or vertical, depending on the ballast or lighting system.
  • The 150W HPS lights come cheaper and suits a small budget grow system. The grower will get a better output and will not have to invest more for that.
  • Once switched on this light comes to full brightness in a few minutes.

Drawbacks of 150 watt HPS for grow systems grow lights

The main problem associated with the 150 watt HPS grow light is the heat production. Like any other HID lights, the 150 watt grow light also produces a good amount of heat. The grow area where this light is used should have an efficient ventilation system to keep the interiors cool. A closed cooling ballast system would be a good choice for dissipating the heat away from the plants.

There are many grow light packages that include these 150 watt HPS grow lights. Getting these light systems help with the cooling system and safeguarding the plants. The cooling grow systems help in positioning the grow light at an ideal distance from the plants as well.

The drawbacks of the 150 watt grow lights are negotiable and finding a solution is easy. They are great for indoor gardening when used with proper safety and cooling measures. The higher intensity light with greater penetrating capacity makes all efforts worthwhile. With an efficient reflector and reflective interiors, the same light may be used for a medium sized grow area. An efficient lighting system can also improve the coverage area for the same light in a slightly bigger grow area.

While buying the 150 watts HPS lights for grow systems make sure that the base of the bulb fits into the socket of the light system. The 150 watt grow lights are available in all brands and shapes. Spend some time to find the right one that suits you.