White & Black Xtray

2′ x 8′ White Xtray

2′ x 8′ White XTray

Hydroponics grow system is an integration of various components. The joint efforts of each and every component incorporated results in healthy large plants. Hydroponics system is a soil less plant cultivation method using a grow media and water for supplying necessary nutrients. The plant roots reside in a grow tray or a similar element.

The grow tray is an important component for plant roots support. The plants do not get soil to reside on, so hydroponics utilizes either a grow media or direct supply of nutrient rich water into the plant roots system. This grow media and plants rest on the grow tray and get the nutrient for growth. Today, there are many several of grow trays available in the market. You will find endless designs so to help minimize problem of choice, introducing the Xtray variety. Xtray are available in multiple sizes such as 2 X 2 FT, 2 X 4 FT, 2 X 8 FT, 3 X 3 FT, 3 X 6 FT, 4 X 4 FT, 4 X 6 FT and 4 X 8 FT. Further, each size is available in both black and white color. Read more to know the details of 2′ x 8′ White Xtray.

The 2′ x 8′ Xtray is a white colored tray to easily match with your hydroponic system. 2′ x 8′ White Xtray features grooved FLO-THRU channels inside the tray that keeps plants well irrigated. The premium material used in 2′ x 8′ White Xtray holds the plants firmly and keeps them vibrant. It is designed to protect your plants and always maintain them in good health. The exterior dimensions of 2′ x 8′ White Xtray is 28″ x 100″ x 6.5″.

The 2′ x 8′ White Xtray will provide your plants with an ideal support to flourish. The plant roots resides in 2′ x 8′ White Xtray and gets the required amount of nutrient to grow via water. The 2′ x 8′ White Xtray is one of the essential components in Drip hydroponic system and Ebb and Flow hydroponics system. It is also useful in other hydroponic system like Nutrient Film Technique (N.F.T.), and Wick System.

2×8 White Xtray

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In the drip system the plants rests in the 2′ x 8′ White Xtray and the timer controls a submersed pump. This pump releases a nutrient solution onto the base of each plant. In drip system also you could have a recovery drip system and Non-Recovery Drip System. In recovery drip system the excess nutrient solution flows back to reservoir and is usable. In non recovery drip system the excess nutrient solution is not collected so the supply is controlled by a timer for minimum waste.

In Ebb and Flow system the 2′ x 8′ White Xtray is temporarily flooded with nutrient solution. It stays there till the timer is set and then drains the solution back into the reservoir. This procedure is repeated at regular intervals during the day. The set on timer allows the pump to release the nutrient solution into the grow tray and off timer collects the nutrient solution back into the reservoir.

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2' x 8' White Xtray
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