Gardening and teaching your kids how to grow plants and trees for food and flowers could benefit kids in more ways than you know. Why should you teach kids to garden you may ask. The answers are its benefits.


Gardening Child

Gardening is not a one day process. That teaches our kids to wait for the result. Patience is key to the whole gardening game. Your kids will know that digging on the soil 2 days after they have sowed those pumpkin seeds is going to do harm. they need to way for 4-5 days to see that it sprouts and the tiny white sprout comes out of the soil. They learn that patience is key to life and it requires them to wait to see the result they require. You cant grow a plant in a day straight off the seed. You cannot see the fruits in just a few hours. Things happen in due course and they will learn that patience is the first thing they need to have to see a successful plant. Children are often very impatient. they want things to happen then and there. They go to the patch where they have sowed their seed to check if something has happened. Over time, they will realize that patience is the only way. The first season may be hard for them. They will have all the excitement. When days pass, the excitement falls off. They see that there is results and things will happen.



Discpiline - Plant watering child

the last time i had a plant, it died in less than a week. Almost died. Watering your plants is a daily routine. You need to be sure that you water your plants , provide it with the right amount of sunlight and give them the required nutrition every day. There is no reason why you could say, “ok I will do this tomorrow”. Thats not working for a gardener who wants some great plants. Children will know this after a few days. Laziness is not going to get their plants the required results and when you grow your plants side by side to theirs, they will know what went wrong.


The first Fruit of the plant your child grows will be of immense joy to you and your child. You can see that broad beaming smile on his face . Yes you are happy and so is the child. Success is something which needs celebration. Your child will be happy to see that there is a reason for celebration. The best part is the confidence in the child which tells you that he is going to go a long way from now. It doesnt matter what he does, this very small step of gardening will give him confidence to practice whatever he likes with patience and persistence , to come out shining in what he does. Most kids are put down by failure. the reverse happens with success. They are filled with energy to move on to a bigger task.


Everything falls apart after a while. We die and so does our plants. Your child will see the wilting of leaves and its slow death. This will help you explain the cycle of life. There is nothing lost and the big picture is yet to be understood. The plant stood tall, provided fruits and vegetables, Grew leaves and flowers but when its time to leave , it did. Life is a beautiful thing. But its beautiful because it has an end. The end is as important as the beginning and your child will learn to understand that parting is an essential way of life and should be taken gracefully.

I was born to a farmer who later travelled the world and served the army. Fortunately our roots remain after 4 generations. I am fortunate that i still feel the soil in my hands and i have seen the seeds sprout, Grow to plants and trees, wilt dry and die. I feel thankful, every day to have to opportunity to be surrounded by nature and the creation which i own yet i dont. I have learned in all these years that you can improve a lot on what nature provides but you surely cannot beat it all the way.