White & Black Xtray

3′ x 6′ White Xtray

3′ x 3′ White XTray

Hydroponics system will be a success only with the joints efforts by its several components. Plenty of hydroponic supplies incorporate to offer you with bigger and speedy plant growth. Components such as grow trays, reservoirs, lids, timers, grow lights, pumps and many more play a critical role in functioning of overall hydroponic grow system.

Grow trays play an important role in providing support to the plant roots in hydroponic systems. It is a useful accessory in hydroponic systems such as Wick System, Drip System, Ebb and Flow system and Nutrient Film Technique (NFT).

In Wick System the grow tray effectively holds the plants. Then the necessary nutrient solution is easily delivered to the plant roots using a wick. In Drip hydroponic system the plants rest on the grow tray and the submersed water pump drips nutrient rich solution from the reservoir onto the base of each plant through a small drip line. In Ebb and Flow system the grow tray is temporarily flooded with nutrient solution. The solution remains in the grow tray till the timer is set on and then it flows back to the reservoir. This process is repeated for several numbers of times in a day. In the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) – The Nutrient solution is pumped into the grow tray that allows easy access to the plant roots. The excess water solution comes back into the reservoir. Generally, a tube is used instead of grow tray.

Grow trays are beneficial for plants to hold plant rooting system and giving them support to rest on. With numerous variety of grow trays available in the market, I would suggest you buying Xtray brand by Dealzer. Xtrays are offered in multiple sizes such as 2’ X 2’, 2’ X 4’, 2’ X 8’, 3’ X 3’, 3’ X 6’, 4’ X 4’, 4’ X 6’ and 4’ X 8’. From such a wide range of Xtrays, you can easily select one that is perfect for your grow area and grow system. Let me give you details of 3′ x 6′ White Xtray.

Firstly, it has many features that make the 3′ x 6′ White Xtray set apart. One of the unique features of 3′ x 6′ White Xtray is its grooved FLO-THRU channels. This channel within the Xtray maintains the plants in good health. In addition, it features the finest design that keeps the plant bubbly and always well irrigated. The outside measurement of 3′ x 6′ White Xtray is 39” x 76” x 6.5” and weight is 4 pounds.

3×6 White Xtray

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Next, the benefits you get with the 3′ x 6′ White Xtray includes, its medium sized design that can easily fit into any of your grow areas. Just like 3′ x 6′ White Xtray, you can also get the 3′ x 6′ black Xtray, same features different color. It is designed for prolong use, so it will be your partner in plant growth cycle for years to come. The material used in constructing 3′ x 6′ White Xtray is strong that you can easily hold your matured plants rooting system without hampering plant growth.

To order 3′ x 6′ White Xtray, just visit the link http://www.dealzer.com/3-x-6-white-xtray.html, check the special price and click add to cart or PayPal.

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3' x 3' White Xtray
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