White & Black Xtray

4′ x 8′ Black Xtray

4′ x 8′ Black XTray

Today, Soil based gardening is getting replaced with Hydroponics method. Both home growers and commercial users are using hydroponics systems to produce fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. Hydroponics is a soil less plantation technique, using nutrient solution. The needed nutrients for plant growth are mixed with water to prepare nutrient solution. The plant roots absorb essential minerals and nutrients for its growth from the water they are fed with.

In hydroponics system, the nutrient solution is stored and supplied from the reservoir. The plants lie in a grow tray that is placed above this reservoir. The grow tray can be filled with growing medium to hold plant roots, or seeds can be sowed into pots and then placed into the grow tray for easy movement. It all depends on which hydroponics system you are using.

Grow tray is critical for housing plants and serves as a support to plant rooting system. You must have noticed a variety of grow trays also known as flood trays are offered in the market. Xtray is one of the known brands on the market today. Xtrays are available in multiple sizes that includes 2’ X 2’, 2’ X 4’, 2’ X 8’, 3’ X 3’, 3’ X 6’, 4’ X 4’, 4’ X 6’ and 4’ X 8’. Allow me to introduce you the details on the 4′ x 8′ Black Xtray.

The 4′ x 8′ Xtray comes in two colors, namely, black or white. You have a choice to choose matching color to your hydroponics system. The 4′ x 8′ Black Xtray features grooved FLO-THRU channels to firmly provide nutrient solution to plant rooting system. This feature supports 4’ x 8′ Black Xtray to keep your plants vibrant and always well irrigated. With the superior design and strong structure of 4′ x 8′ Black Xtray your plants will be at their best. The outside dimensions of 4’ x 8′ Black Xtray is 52″ x 100″ x 6.5″.

The grow tray should be purchased considering some points in mind. First, watch for the capacity of your grow system and availability of space to accommodate the proper sized grow tray. Second, consider the type of plants which you intend to grow. Large plants have large rooting system so choose a grow tray to hold these big plants. Third, buy a strong and durable tray to hold the plant for its entire life. Shifting the plant mid way may hamper its growth and affect yields. Finally, durable grow tray offers prolonged use as it last for many years, while saving your money and making a cost effective purchase.

The 4′ x 8′ Black Xtray will be a useful component in hydroponics systems like ebb and flow also called flood and drain system, drip system, wick system and nutrient film technique (NFT). The 4′ x 8′ Black Xtray offers a sturdy body to tightly hold plants roots for its entire life.
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