White & Black Xtray

4′ x 8′ White XTray (Heavy Duty)

4′ x 8′ White XTray (Heavy Duty)

Flood tray is one of the useful hydroponics supplies that effectively supports the plant rooting system. It is also known as a grow tray. In hydroponics, plants are grown with or without growing medium. These grow medias are placed in a grow tray that tightly holds the plant rooting system.

Flood tray offers a nice comfortable residence for plant roots to strengthen. There exists a wide collection of grow trays in the market, making it really hard for you to buy one. However, to reduce your worry up to certain extent, consider XTray brand of grow tray. XTray is popular to offer multiple sizes of grow tray. They are available in multiple sizes from 2′ X 2′ to 4′ X 8’.

Moreover, it offers two varieties, namely, standard XTrays and Heavy Duty Xtrays of flood tray. The major difference between the standard XTrays and Heavy duty Xtrays is thickness. The Heavy Duty Xtrays are 25% Thicker than standard X-Trays. Here the more details on 4′ x 8′ White XTray (Heavy Duty) is mentioned below. Firstly, let’s have a look at its features:

  • The 4′ x 8′ White XTray (Heavy Duty) comes white in color.
  • It features a finely grooved FLO-THRU channel to hold the water in place.
  • This thicker xtray is designed to keep plants well irrigated and lively.
  • Its thicker and heavy duty feature makes it capable to maintain strong rooting system for entire plant’s life cycle.
  • This durable xtray offers superior support to maintain your growing plants in good health always.
  • The outside dimensions of 4′ x 8′ White XTray (Heavy Duty) is 52″ x 100″ x 6.5″. This means your plant roots can spread up to 6.5 inches deep.

Now, get some brief details on the benefits of the 4′ x 8′ White XTray (Heavy Duty).

  • This Xtray is large in size to accommodate a number of plants and is perfect for large hydroponics applications.
  • The exclusive FLO-THRU channels feature makes it able to hold nutrient solution for your desired time period.
  • The deep rooting system assists plant to stand straight for its entire life cycle and offer higher yields. With 4′ x 8′ White XTray (Heavy Duty), the plant roots grows 6.5 inches deep to help your plants thrive.
  • It is created to keep your plants well irrigated to provide the needed nutrient for larger and faster plant growth.
  • As its name suggests, heavy duty, it can be used for years proving that you made a smart purchase.


Lastly, have a look on hydroponics system in which 4′ x 8′ White XTray (Heavy Duty) is useful. Flood trays are useful in hydroponics systems such as Wick System, Drip System, Ebb and Flow system, DWC and Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). The flood trays are completely filled with growing medium or grow media is filled in individual pots that are further kept in a flood tray to work as a support for plant roots. Also, a few hydroponics grow systems do not uses grow media and allows plant roots to hang in air, allowing just plant root tips to dip in nutrient solution. The flood tray lies above the reservoir and nutrient solution is supplied to flood tray at regular intervals with or without timer. Depending upon the hydroponics system, the excess nutrient solution may or may not drain back to reservoir from flood tray.

Frequently Asked Questions – xtray grow:

How does xtray grow help in hydroponic system?

The grow trays from XTRAY supports the root systems and are ideal for hydroponic seedlings. The best part of owning an XTRAY is nutrients are fed directly to the roots which ensures proper growth right from the root to the tip.

Does xtray hydroponic grow support ebb & flow method?

Of course, XTRAYS are not meant just for soil gardening but for hydroponic methods too. Be it DWC or NFT or ebb and flow, the XTRAYS hold the plants while the hydroponic system feeds them with vital nutrients. In ebb and flow method, nutrient water is temporarily flooded in the grow tray and is then drained back to the reservoir at regular intervals.

Where can I find grow xtray stands online?

There are many websites available online such as dealzer.com, htsupply.com, where you can find XTRAY grow trays in selective colors to help your indoor growing.

What are the benefits of having XTRAY hydroponic grow trays?

Hydroponic grow trays or often called as seedling trays are an assured method of germinating seeds at a rapid rate unlike traditional methods. Seedlings that germinate are quite healthy and deliver a disease free crop. Think of the money you will be saving as seedling trays consume less water and fertilizers not to mention increase in the productivity of yields.

What are the best media to be used in XTRAY hydroponic grow tray?

Rockwool cubes are considered best soilless medium that promote easy germination. They act like a sponge and help in speedening up the process of germination. Rockwool cubes are easily available online or at nearby garden stores at a cheap price. All you have to do is insert the seeds inside the cubes and fix them on your XTRAY hydroponic grow tray. When the tray is flooded, the nutrient solution is absorbed by the cubes. When the solution drains back air is passed to dry out the cubes. The process is repeated to speed up germination process.

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