Ushio HiLUX GRO HPS, 400W, U/T15

Use 400 watt hps for growing indoor plants that will give you not just healthy plants but good amount of yields all year long. These 400 watt high pressure sodium lights are targeted mainly for horticulture and indoor growing cabinets. When used properly it helps in plant propagation to a great extent. Apart from this it can also be used in your home during winter season.

The hps grow lights helps in naturally recreating the daylight for your plants by creating a red/yellow spectrum which mainly helps plants in the flowering or fruiting stage. When proper lumens is given to the plants, you will be getting plants that are larger, bigger and crispier than any given traditional methods. This is one of the reason why both commercial and personal growers use this for best results.

A normal hps grow light gives around 2700K for your grow room. They even have good extended life than MH lamps and also gives you less energy bills. But many people use both MH lamps and HPS lamps. MH lamps give out blue/green spectrum and is ideal for leafy crops in the vegetating stage. Many growers use both MH lamps and HPS lamps – MH for the vegetating and HPS for the flowering stage as it will help the plants in its different stages which will result in a healthy yield.

A good quality 400 watt hps grow light for indoor plants has a good life of two years unlike other grow bulbs and gives out an efficiency of six times more lumens per watt than normal incandescent bulb.

Though you can use a 400 watt hps for indoor plant growing, it is best recommended to use a combination of both MH and HPS grow lights that come under a single reflector and a ballast. This combo can really boost your plants creating an ideal blend of spectrum for your plants with absolutely heavy outputs. The reflectors will only add up to your grow lights by delivering a full spectrum to your plants. As a result, there will no hot spots in any corner of your grow room. The reflectors help in proper photosynthesis of your plants by ensuring the grow lights reach all the deeper areas of the plants without leaving any place for doubt.

You can also look for convertible lamps that are configured to burn both MH and HPS grow lights at a single fixture. They won’t burn at the same time but you can use them alternatively as per the different phases of the plant.

Bottomline, a 400 watt hps for indoor plants can really trigger good yields if you are using small grow area. For a larger area you need to be readily equipped with the above tools such as proper reflector or a convertible fixture but for a small growing area this is more than what you can ask.