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4×6 Economy Line Black Flood Tray

Black Flood Tray – 4′ x 6′

Hydroponics, hydroponics and hydroponics!! What is this hype called hydroponics? It is a method of plant cultivation without using soil. Usually, water solution includes all the essential nutrients and minerals that are supplied to plants roots. The main reason for the popularity of this hydroponics system in recent times is its ability to allow all year round harvest, regardless of the weather conditions. Other reasons like lack of outdoor space or eating home grown foods have boosted the use of hydroponics grow systems.

There are various types of Hydroponics grow system available in the market. You can select one or create your own using hydroponics supplies and support accessories. Both of this will require an in depth knowledge for plant growth success. You will have to consider many things and buy numerous components to achieve your ultimate goal i.e. higher yields.

Components such as grow lights, air pumps, water pumps, reservoir, fans, timers, lid, flood trays and many more plays a vital role in your success. Flood trays are a useful accessory mainly in the Ebb and Flow Systems, Drip Systems, Nutrient film technique and Wick hydroponics system. Hence, it is an important tool for your hydroponic set-up and you will discover that the market is flooded with numerous brands of Flood trays. Today, Economy Line Flood Tray is a common name in households. It is available in several different sizes like 2’ x 4’, 3’ x 3’, 4’ x 4’, 4 x 6 and 4’ x 8’. Here, the details of 4×6 Economy Line Black Flood Tray is given.

Features of 4×6 Economy Line Black Flood Tray

1. Deep tray – This flood tray has a depth of 6 inches that allows your plants to settle roots deep inside.

2. Re-designed channels – 4×6 Economy Line Black Flood Tray comes with re-designed channels inside and outside the tray.

3. Compatible – It comes with a dual-step sidewalls that allows you to use 4×6 Economy Line Black Flood Tray for 2 different plant root heights.

4. Design – Its superior grid pattern design inside the tray can thoroughly hold water.

5. Strong – The 4×6 Economy Line Black Flood Tray has strong corners and comes in a thick body as compared to other similar brands.

6. Maintenance – It offers easy cleaning and maintenance to have a clean environment for your plants to grow.

7. Dimensions – Its complete measurement is 96 x 6 x 48.

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