600W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V)

Grow bigger yields with the help of 600W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V) that runs quietly and delivers natural lights without any hot spots. LED plant lights are gaining wide popularity in hydroponics grow system as they help in providing sufficient amount of light to the plants.

When you are growing indoors, you need to have an open mind especially if you are having a grow tent. The grow lights are the energy source for your plants and hence it is important to maintain efficiency of your grow bulbs. Hence – 600W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V) is definitely a good choice for you.

The main motive of a ballast is to prevent current overload and maintain a stable flow of electricity when the lamp is in use. There are many types of ballasts in the market and many choose digital lamp ballasts as they are easy to control when it comes to providing the required spectrum to your lights. With automated timer and many functions, it is easy to dim or brighten the lumens as per your requirement without having you manually do it each and every time.

I am putting forth some of the unique features that comes with the 600W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V):

  • For starters, the ballast runs at any outlets right from 120v – 240v giving you a wide perspective especially when you are currently using any of these outlets.
  • They perform silently and honestly giving you a spectrum of 15-20% more lumens than many other magnetic ballasts in the market without compromising on quality.
  • The digital dimmable ballast promises you better illumination which covers the whole grow tent without leaving any places for hot spots. This will result in increased yield at all times.
  • The dimmable digital ballast comes with a soft start technology that adjusts the power level thereby extending the lifetime of your grow bulbs.
  • The 600W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V) works easily with both MH and HPS lamps so that you have the option to choose what you want during various stages of your plant’s growing life. For example, many plant lovers use MH lamps during the growing phase and HPS is best saved for flowering stage of plants. Some people use both grow lights as it helps them to maintain the life cycle of plant life. We recommend it is best that you opt for grow lamps that suit your ballasts and increase both the efficiency/durability of lamps and ballasts.
  • The internal parts of the system comes with resin coating that ensures protection at all times. You will also find a fan that is fixed inside to exhaust hot air and keep the internal area cool at all times. This ensures prolonged life without hassles. The external breaker protects the system from voltage surges, if any.
  • Lastly, they come with a five year warranty (i.e full – 3 years and 2 years – pro-rated).

The 600W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V) also comes with super bright option that gives you 10% more efficiency in case you need more lumens than required. With a suitable reflector, you are on the way to getting bigger yields throughout the year.