Everyday our clean house has many chemicals lurking around. It is not easy to get rid of all of those chemicals especially when it comes from everyday items like cleaning solutions, colognes, perfumes, plastics and other sources. However it is possible to lower the concentrations of these chemicals in our breathing air. There are great indoor plants that clean air and can remove many of these chemicals thereby maintaining indoor clean and breathable.

7 Houseplants That clean The Indoor Air And Remove Toxins

Aloe vera plant can remove the benzene and formaldehyde from the air. Benzene comes from gasoline, vehicle exhaust, smoking, or drinking water itself. The formaldehyde comes from plywood or insulations. By keeping Aloe vera plant at the brightest window the air will not be clean but the gel taken from the leaves can be used for many diseases and ailments.

Boston fern is a lush green plant that grows thick. The bright green colored foliage is a natural humidifier. Keep this plant in the room that is most used or where you will be for the longer part of the day. Avail the assistance of these plants especially if you suffer from dry skin diseases. With the humidifying effect of this plant, the air around will have enough moisture to keep the dry skin diseases away during the dry climate. You just need to mist water over the leaves regularly.

Chinese evergreen plant can remove many of the chemicals from the cleaning solutions and other household solutions. The tiny red berries produced by this plant do the job. The plant is easy to care for and can bring long term benefits. Longer the plant survives indoor, the better and longer will be the air quality inside.

English Ivy plant can remove the formaldehyde and fecal matter odor from the air. In home with pets, the air is usually stinky with the fecal matter smell. The odor lurks around even after thorough cleaning. Keep this plant in the home to remove the smell and keep the air fresh and natural. It is also ideal for offices as the stationary items emit benzene from them which is absorbed by this plant and keep the air healthy.

Eucalyptus: It is a rare plant to find as a house plant. The effect of this plant in making the breathing air healthy is highly appreciated. The tannins from the leaves will have the air passage cleared in no time. Breathing problems due to congestion will be relieved with the help of its scent.

Peace Lily gets rid of the mold spores. A home with more humidity is a hub for mold and mildew. The bathrooms being moist have higher potential to nurture mildew. By placing the Peace Lily plant in the moistest area of the house will get rid of the mold spores. The plant absorbs these spores and gets them to their roots to be used as growth nutrient. It is one of the most incredible features of the plants. The plant can also remove some chemicals and vapors as well. The air quality where this plant is placed will be healthier for a good 60%.

Spider plant that has attractive foliage and gives an appearance of a large spider can scrub the indoor air. The cleaning effect of this plant is powerful that within 2-3 days the air quality takes a jump up to 90%. It absorbs the harmful chemicals and makes the air healthier. The molds or other allergens are removed by this plant. This is a perfect inclusion for those who have dust allergy and live their homes trouble free.

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