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Agrotech Magnum Reflector – The Double Ended Reflector

Agrotech Magnum Reflector

Reflectors are one of the most needed items to start an indoor garden. While the lights used are different, the reflectors are of the same characters. Most of the reflectors are single ended where only one end of the light is fixed to the reflector and the other end is free. The Agrotech Magnum reflector is double ended where the lights with 2 ends can be fixed inside. It accommodates all the doubled ended light bulbs from HPS to the fluorescent lights. This is made to suit the ultra high-frequency electronic ballasts. This way, the light fixing has got an added stability and gets better illumination as the light is dispersed all over the reflector.

Features of Agrotech Magnum double ended reflector

  • The Agrotech Magnum double ended reflector is made for the high voltage double ended HPS horticultural light. You can use the K12x30 base 1000w lamps with this reflector.
  • The design of the reflector gets maximum efficiency and gets maximum light reflection to every angle.
  • The reflector is light weighted weighing just 5.4 lbs and is meant for horizontal use only.
  • The reflector is ideal for the full spectrum lamp and focuses specifically on the red that increases the photosynthetic response.
  • The efficiency of the reflector increases with the combination of ultra high frequency electronic ballasts.
  • The sockets on the reflector have locking facility that locks the bulb and places the lamp at an optimal position.
  • The interior of the reflector is lined with German aluminum that offers 95% reflectivity.
  • The reflector is not ready to use and comes unassembled but can be assembled within minutes.
  • The lamp cord runs for 15 ft long. The dimensions of the reflector are 34.5 x 16.5 x 7 inches in length, width and height.
  • The reflector does not have a glass cover and neither does it suit one.
  • Installing the double ended lamps in this reflector
  • The lamp holders in Agrotech Magnum reflector have a locking system. The locking system slides backward and forwards which releases and locks in the bulbs in place.
  • The doubled ended light bulbs will have wires poking out from both the sides. These wires need to be straight to have the installation. Keep the light bulb in the horizontal position and simply slide them into the groove of the light holders. Once the bulb is in its place, lock it by sliding the locking system close.

Benefits of using Agrotech Magnum double ended reflector

The double ended reflectors like Agrotech Magnum reflectors can improve the working and life of the bulbs used. The bulbs that are used in the double ended reflectors degrade much slower than used in normal reflectors. It can run with almost the same intensity as new even after 10,000 hours of usage.

The HPS bulbs used in the double ended reflectors have better light intensity than the ones used in single ended reflectors. The PAR output would also be better with this than the traditional reflectors. The light bulbs would be more stable in these double ended reflectors.

The double ended reflectors need the specific type of bulbs. These light bulbs will be able to emit more UV rays and IR range that helps in increasing the growth of oil-producing plants. It increases the essential oil production in the plants.

Usage warning

The Agrotech Magnum double ended reflector offers maximum illumination by reflection of the light. In this process, the double ended bulb can get hotter than the normal bulbs. You need to be extremely careful while handling them in between.

When using high watt bulbs, mount the reflector at a height of 12-48 inches, or an ideal distance, from the plants. The 1000 watts of light can cover an area of 8 x 8 ft.

When you need to replace the bulb, wait until the bulb has cooled off. You might end up burning yourself.

Agrotech Magnum reflectors reviews

Users have used different light bulbs with this Magnum reflector. Though it was made to best suit the high watt HPS lights, it is suitable also for the MH lights. All you need to make sure is that the bulb is double ended.

All that the users complain about is that the problem in labeling. The difficulty that it not coming as a ready to use unit was another concern but they were relieved that the clear instructions were provided.

Bottom Line

If you are ready to do some assembling, this Agrotech Magnum reflector is one efficient unit for your indoor garden. Use it carefully to get healthy plant growth. A small mistake can cause harm to the plants.

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