AquaVitay 1585 Water Pump

Water pumps are an essential equipment to be installed in any hydroponic system. Water pump is used to pump the water or the nutrient solution to the plants for its roots to absorb. For all the automatic hydroponic system water pump is essential.

The AquaVitay 1585 Water Pump is commonly used for all the aquariums, hydroponic systems as well as the aquaponics systems. Pumping is essential for a system that is automatic as the user does not have to water the plants just as in the traditional method of soil gardening.

AquaVitay 1585 Water Pump Features

Some of the reasons why the AquaVitay 1585 Water Pump is the most sort out water pump for the hydroponics system developers are as follows:

Environmental friendly – The AquaVitay 1585 Water Pump is environmental friendly. It is equipped with all the safety measures needed for a safe water pump for the hydroponic system.

Rotor – The rotor used in the AquaVitay 1585 Water Pump is oil free and provides the maximum power needed to successfully operate a hydroponic system.

Foam Filter – The foam filters of the AquaVitay 1585 Water Pump is pre-installed as well as removable and it also helps in protecting the impeller from any damages caused by the stray particles.

Usage – The pumps have a certain type of cover which when removed can be used either inside and outside. The cover is easy to remove making the AquaVitay 1585 Water Pump expose the inlet valve.

Power cord – All the products of AquaVitay has a grounded power cord of length 10 including the AquaVitay 1585 Water Pump. Only the smallest model of the AquaVita has the cord length of 5.75.

Warranty – There is one year manufacturer’s warranty provided for the AquaVitay 1585 Water Pump.

All these features makes the AquaVitay 1585 Water Pump a very feasible pump that can be used in any of the hydroponic systems, whether it’s a grow box or a grow tent or a grow room. It is high in quality and efficiency and it adheres to all the principles of safety. The AquaVitay 1585 Water Pump is also UL listed.


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