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Are 40W LED Grow Lights any Good?

The light provided to the plants has a great significance on the growth of the plants. For plants grown outdoors, it has the advantage of getting the lighting from the sun. The sunlight provides the plants with the different spectrum of light like the red, blue and white for different phases of the plant growth […]


Are Hydroponics Environmentally Friendly?

Hydroponics is a controlled form of growing plants using water. The hydroponics system uses the water, sand or gravel to grow their plants instead of soil. This method is being widely adopted nowadays because of the various benefits it offers. You can grow fruits, vegetables, herbs using this hydroponic system. There are various types of […]

Grow System

Affordable LED Hydroponics Grow System

There are number of affordable LED Hydroponic Grow Systems available in the market. Most of them are all in one hydroponics systems. Listed below are the 5 most affordable hydroponic grow systems:   1. Hydroponic or Dirt Grow System LED Grow Box Stealth 30” Carbon Filter This Affordable LED Hydroponics Grow System is user friendly […]

Leaf Trimmers

24″ Clear Top Motorized Bowl Trimmer

24″ Clear Top Motorized Bowl Trimmer Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Apart from watering the plants, providing light and heat to the plants and feeding the plants with the right amount of nutrients, another important element of plant care is trimming. Trimming the leaves of the plants is a crucial process which […]

Grow Light Brands

Advanced Platinum Series DS200

If you are looking for a LED plant light to be installed in your hydroponic grow systems there are number of options available for you in the horticulture market. Providing light to the plants is an important element for the healthy plant growth and it is very important to choose the best grow lights for your […]

Grow Lights

Advanced LED Lighting Grow Lights

Advanced LED Diamond Series Grow Lights Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price LED or the Light Emitting Diodes have become the present and future of the lighting systems in the horticulture industry. LED plant lights are being widely used in for the plants grown inside a grow box be it hydroponics or not. […]

Leaf Trimmers

Stand Up Leaf Trimmer Deluxe – Bud & Leaf Trimmer

Stand Up Leaf Trimmer Deluxe Select Quantity123Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Leaf Trimmers available in the market are different in terms of sizes, models and shapes. The Stand Up Leaf Trimmer Deluxe is a type of trimmer that provides efficient performance with effective results. Trimming the excessive and unwanted leaves and taking out the […]