Aquaculture & Hydroponics Makes An Aquaponics System. What Is So Special About That?

Aquaponics basically is a man-made ecosystem where the plants, fishes and the microbes grow in a symbiotic environment. These factors complement each other and practically feed each other’s growth. The same amount of water can be recycled for the umpteenth time and still stay safe for both the plants and the fishes. By combining two […]

Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponics – The Practical Solution For Indoor Gardening Troubles. It’s Easy To Get Used To These Different Hydroponic Systems For Your Home

Hydroponics is growing plants in water medium. There is no soil used and all the nutrients for the plants are coming from the water. It saves you gallons of water every year and could get the same or even better yield year after year. Many might think that hydroponics is a complicated technique, in real; […]

Indoor Hydroponics

Ideal Water Level For Each Hydroponic Technique For Convenient Indoor Growing

One of the confusing factor in hydroponics is t determine the ideal water level. Since the container/reservoir capacity is different, it is difficult to measure it by gallons or liters. It is also not good to fill the tank completely. This has made easier by stating that each hydroponic technique will need different water levels. […]