Hydroponic Vegetable Production

Vegetable growing is not easy, especially when it is growing in soil. The dirt needs to be cleaned away; regular and frequent care is needed. Vegetables growing in soil is under constant threat from the soil borne pathogens and other root rot diseases. Hydroponics vegetable production is the best method to solve all these problems. […]

Grow Room

Grow Room Startup Kit

Mini Mortgage Lifter 3.0 – 20 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price A Grow room set up is to start an indoor garden. The grow room startup kits are handy for the beginners. It comes with the complete package needed to start plant growing. Sometimes more than one startup […]

Grow Lights

Grow Lights Hydroponics

Hydroponics system is to grow plants using water as the nutrient medium through which the plants get the nutrients. This technique may be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening. For outdoor gardening the plants will be growing at an elevated level from the ground. The plants will have plenty of sunlight and the fresh […]

Grow Light General

LED and HID Grow Lights Comparison

Lighting is the main concern when setting up an indoor garden. Beginner growers are not aware of the pros and cons of the types of grow light existing. On asking, the grower gets all sorts of options from HID, fluorescent, and LED lights. But not everyone knows the difference between these lights. Here we will […]

hydroponic tomato system

Grow Herbs and Tomatoes At Home

Growing herbs and tomatoes at home is the best option these days. We don’t know what chemicals are used on the so called fresh vegetables we get from market so instead of risking our own health, we should spend some time in gardening in the small space available to us. Both tomatoes and herbs are […]

hydroponic tomato system

Gardening Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the easiest home grown vegetable. With some proper caring measures gardening tomatoes is an easy but challenging job. You need not be an expert to grow tomatoes but you cannot afford to be ignorant about it. Tomatoes need proper care and nourishment and they will reward you with lots of juicy tomatoes. Even […]

Gardening Ideas

Gardening in small spaces

Lack of enough space is the main concern for the modern day urban life. There is scarcely any space for living and the garden lovers find it extremely difficult to find some space where they are able to set up the smallest of a garden. A garden need not be big or wide. Vegetable gardening […]


Can a clone become a mother plant?

A clone and a mother plant are both used to develop new plants. Clones and mother plants serve as stock for new plants. When the clones itself develop into new plants, the mother plants provide many clones that has the same characteristics that it has. In most cases it is the mother plant that is […]

Raised Beds

Box garden – Raised Bed Garden

Reversible Planter Box Raised Beds Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Box garden is a type of raised garden. The main difference of Box garden from other raised garden is that it is smaller and compact. Most raised gardens are medium sized and the smaller ones are called Box garden. What makes Box […]