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Best Cheap LED Grow Lights

LED is the newest type of grow light used in hydroponics system. LED is light emitting diode that allows bright and long-lasting production of lights. LED plant lights are the best and most preferred because they do not require ballasts and produce considerably less heat than other grow lights. Generally it runs cooler at about 45-60 degrees Celsius and keeps your grow environment in perfect temperature.

LED grow lights have best advantages over other grow lights but with few disadvantages as well. The details are as under:


  • LED grow lights are efficient enough to produce a lot of light for the amount of electricity used. It uses up to 40% – 50% less wattage against other grow lights and saves your electricity bills.
  • Generally LEDs come with a built-in fan to disperse heat up and away from the plants maintaining cool temperatures.
  • LEDs are self contained grow light. They do not require any separate installation of ballasts and can be plugged directly into the wall for using.
  • Most of the LED grow lights have longer life. It can last somewhere between 50000 to 100000 hours.
  • LED grow light comes with very low maintenance and can be used for years without replacing.
  • LED represents a wide spectrum that can be used for both vegetation and flowering stages without changing.


  • LED grow lights are very expensive and require you to incur high initial costs.
  • You may require to make changes in your grow system with LED grow light. If you already have ballast in place, now it is of no use.
  • LED grow light contains heat sink, making it a heavier unit than other grow light.
  • Selecting best LED grow light is getting difficult with many companies claiming to offer best quality at reasonable prices. Usually, these companies make outrageous claims.

Which are the Best Cheap LED Grow Lights?

Cheap LED grow lights are used by some of the growers because of various reasons. One, they are cheap, yes. Most of the LEDs are very costly to buy at initial stage. Second, each type of LEDs offered by different companies may run differently, so select one considering the details made available by its manufacturer and not word of mouth. Third, growers tend to buy cheap LED lights manufactured in China, but these are not as beneficial as others.

The so called Best Cheap LED Grow Lights of all kinds claims huge Watts or full spectrum. But most of the times you will see its big red and blue LEDs comes in a cheap looking plastic cover. This will help you recognize it as the bottom end of LED products in the market. With the cheap LED Grow Lights your final output i.e. the yields will drastically be affected. Instead of using them, it would be better off to buy a HPS or MH system and add to your electricity costs and handle ventilation issues.

The Three Best Cheap LED Grow Lights

The below mentioned 3 Grow Lights are not the cheapest in the market as they are the most effective for the price you pay. They are helpful to produce more making it a profitable buy. It helps to take your stress away and offer increased yields.

  • TaoTronics – TaoTronics TT-GL05 Red Blue Orange 90W
  • BloomBoss UFO 90w LED Grow Light
  • Hydro Grow- 21X-PRO-36W LED grow light

As a concluding note, just consider LED Grow Lights that is both cheap and best for your plants. I mean if the higher price is paid today, it will prove fruitful in coming days. It is a cost effective product that saves power consumption, lasts long and improve yields.

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