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Best Indoor LED Grow Lights Reviews 2014

G8LED 240 Watts LED Grow Light

Lighting has a huge influence on the healthy growth of the plants. Plants need to receive the right amount of lighting at the right time during each and every stage of their life cycle. LED plant lights are becoming very popular in the hydroponics system of growing plants.

There are number of lighting systems available in the market like the LED Grow Lights, HID Grow Lights, CFL Grow lights and so on. All these grow lights are designed specifically to suit the needs of a hydroponic system. A 2014 review of the reasons why these indoor LED grow lights are preferred and the guidelines that will help you to choose the best grow light for your hydroponic system are discussed in this article.

Some of the reasons why the LED Grow Lights are preferred are given below

1. Less Power and Energy Required – The LED grow requires only less power and saves a huge amount of energy when compared to the HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps. The two types of HID lighting systems are MH lights (Metal halide lights) and the HPS Lights (High Pressure Sodium Lights). These lights might seem a little expensive at the time of purchase but they are cheaper in the longer run. These lights save up a huge on your electricity bills. Even thought it uses less power and energy, it does not compromise on the light it disposes.

2. Less Heat Produced – Using the LED grow lights reduces the amount of heat discharged. The HID, CFLs and the other lighting system have the disadvantage that in spite of providing ample lighting, it produces huge amount of heat that will damage the plant growth. The excess heat inside the hydroponic system has negative effects on the different phases of the growth of the plants. Advanced technologies are used in the LED grow lights which produce only very less heat, thereby maintaining a cool atmosphere inside the hydroponic grow box.

3. Different Spectrum of Lighting – The different stages of the plant life cycle requires different spectrum of lighting. The LED grow lights provides for the different spectrum of lighting needed in each and every stage of the plant growth. The grow lights should be installed in a place where there is even distribution of light throughout the grow box. These lights also provides for deep light penetration.

4. Less requirement of other equipments – Using LED grow lights eliminates the need of the extra cooling fans, reflectors and other heat removal systems. This is mainly because of the less heat producing quality of the LED lights mentioned above. You can save on not purchasing theses equipment and hence using the LED grow lights is in fact cheaper when compared to the others.

5. Efficiency – The LED lights have a life span of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, thereby reducing the frequency of light replacement. Also it provides for effective operation and efficient results. You can grow healthy plants, fruits, vegetable, herbs and so on with this lighting system.

Given below are some guidelines that will assist you to purchase the Best Indoor LED Grow Lights

1. There are different versions of LED lights available in the market. So first and foremost decide on the type of plants you want to grow and then on the hydroponics grow system. Depending on this select your grow lights.

2. Once you purchase your hydroponic grow box, allot the spacing for your plants and the other equipment. Identifying the dimensions of your grow lights that will fit into your grow box and accordingly purchase it.

3. The LED lights are available in different wattages. Check on the wattage you require providing light to all the plants grown inside your hydroponic system. If you choose a LED light of more watts, you will get more power and more lighting. So decide on the wattage required before you purchase your lights.

4. The grow lights with high wavelength are used if you want a huge coverage area.

5. Spectrum lighting are different in the different LED lights and depending on the vegetation or flowering and budding stage of your plants you can select the LED light with your desired spectrum.

6. Compare the different lights available and select the one that suits your requirement as well as meets up your budget.

The Best Indoor LED Grow Lights of 2014 are

  • G8LED 240 Watt LED Grow Panel
  • TaoTronics TT-GL19 Dimmable 324W Panel
  • Diamond Series XML 350
  • Diamond Series DS 200
  • Sol 2 LED Grow Light
  • Apollo Horticulture GL LED Full Spectrum LED UFO
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