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Best LED Grow Lights for Vegetative Growth

Kind K3 Series LED Grow Lights

Lighting is an essential factor that contributes towards the healthy growth of the plants. The plants grown outdoors has the advantage of getting sunlight as sunlight provides the full spectrum of visible light needed for the different phases of the plant life cycle. There are full spectrum LED grow lights available that provides lighting for both the vegetative and flowering growth. In the LED plant lights, the different spectrum of lighting available in the LED lighting system is blue, red, white and ultraviolet.

The Vegetative Growth requires the Blue LED lighting. They provide for mid to 400 nm range and when used on the plants will give tall, leafy plants. The red LED lighting is ideal for the flowering and budding phase and if used in the vegetative phase can create unhealthy plants. Similarly if the blue LED lighting is used on the flowering and budding phase, it will create bushy plants with very little buds. The white LED lighting provides for clear visible light inside your hydroponic system apart from the spectrum benefits it offers. The ultraviolet lights are used to increase the THC production. They are mainly used for plants like marijuana.

There are many lighting systems available in the market apart from the LED lighting, like the HID lighting, HPS lighting, CFL lighting, MH lighting and so on. But the Blue or Red LED Grow lights are proven to outperform these lighting systems to a high extent.

The Vegetation Phase

The vegetation phase is the most important stage as it is in this stage that the light wavelengths and blue light spectrums ensures the leaves, roots and stem of the plants are healthy. The process of photosynthesis where the carbon dioxide and light are converted into food takes place in this stage. Photosynthesis is a crucial process and everything should be done perfectly for the quality flowering stages of the plants. The blue, violet and green bands of lighting with 400 to 520 nm have a strong influence on the photosynthesis process and promote the vegetative growth.

You can save some money in the vegetative stage as the electricity used in the vegetation phase is less. The vegetation phase requires less intense lighting that consumes only very little power. The vegetation stage requires around 16 to 18 hours of lighting each day which will provide for developing stronger roots and stems for supporting the buds of your plants.

Some of the Best lights LED for Vegetative Growth available in the market is as follows:

All Blue LED Grow Lights provides for the Perfect Vegetative Light. This blue spectrum lighting provides for 415 to 460 nm range of lighting and is mainly used for the vegetation stage of the plant growth. All blue LEDs are used to supply the blue spectrum of lighting during the vegetative growth cycles.

1. Promotion TaoTronics TT-GL14 80*3W 6 Bands LED Light – This LED light provides for both blue and red spectrum of lighting that makes the vegetative and flowering growth highly productive and easy.

2. New – Diamond Series Ex-Veg – %W Cree XT-E LEDs – This blue spectrum grow light provides for a high output of 5w and produces extreme vegetative results. No ballasts are required for this LED and all you need to do is just plug in and start using. It provides for intense blue light of 50+ wavelengths. The benefit of this LED is that it produces only less heat without compromising on the vegetation cycles of the plants. It provides for faster, stronger and bigger vegetation produce. They are available in two sizes of 200 w and 300 w. both these sizes have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

3. 225 LED Light Board Red and Blue Hydroponic Grow Light – The blue wavelength of this LED hydroponic grow light is 60 x 465 nanometer and the red wavelength is 165 x 650 nanometer. This light board has a power consumption of 14 w and has a dimension of 310 mm x 310 mm x 38 mm. it adheres to all the properties of stealth because of its quiet operation.

4. HQRP 14W 225 LED Blue + Red Spectrum Hydroponic Plant Grow Light Panel / Lamp + UV Meter – This LED light provides for 60 Blue LED lights with 465 nm wavelength. It also has a thermoplastic body with a die-cast chrome circuitry board and has a power consumption of 14 watt. The working voltage used by this LED blue and red spectrum lighting is 110 v to 220 v.

The LED lighting systems are designed in such a way that it emits the right spectrum of red and blue lights during the flowering and vegetation growth of the plants.

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