Botanicare Rhizo Blast

Rhizo blast is Botanicare’s newest rooting product that helps the roots to blow up and grow quickly. This product helps to roots to grow and outperform with the help of natural and sustainable ingredients. Botanicare Rhizo blast is a supplement that works steadily and contributes to plant growth in a positive way.

More about Botanicare Rhizo blast root stimulator that helps the roots to blow up for a great yield.

What is Rhizo blast root stimulator?

Rhizo blast is available in three premium sizes 275ml, 500ml, and 1000 ml. Botanicare Rhizo Blast is a mix of proprietary blends carefully designed to help the roots to grow steadily. It contains seaweeds and the single-celled algae known as chlorella. This single-celled algae is the key target ingredient that makes Rhizo blast so special. This algae is cultivated specifically for Botanicare as it is one of the premium ingredients. Along with other ingredients, Rhizo blast helps plants to grow a vibrant root system with lush foliage and fruits.

Advantages of using Rhizo Blast

  • Helps plants to have an extensive root system that contributes to better growth
  • Botanicare Rhizo blast is a product that goes well with any growing medium. You can use it with soil or the latest hydroponic systems.
  • Helps plants to deal with situations like transplantation and reduces the damage done
  • Encourages root divisions and fine root hairs.
  • Helps plants to grow faster and bear fruits better than other products.
  • Easy to apply and contains everything that helps for a healthy root system

The main ingredient single-celled algae “Chlorella “

Chlorella is a single-celled microalgae that belongs to the phylum Chlorophyta. It is a green alage, which contains enormous amounts of chlorophyll. It is a native of Japan and Taiwan. This algae has found its place in many health care products as it contains essential vitamins and minerals. It is a common ingredient in many of the food supplements and dietary supplements due to its benefits.

Recently this single-celled organism has stepped its foot into the agricultural sector. Experts say that this organism helps plant growth and acts as a great fertilizer. It supports plant growth and roots with its abundant nutrients. It contains vast amounts of amino acids, minerals, and Phytonutrients.

Frequently asked questions – RHIZO BLAST rollit up root stimulator

Can I use Rhizo blast with any kind of application?

It is a soluble product and will effectively work its way up to the roots. This product works great with almost all applications. You can use this with a soil medium, hydroponics, and even aeroponics.

How does Botanicare Rhizo Blast affect the ph levels?

Rhizo Blast lowers pH slightly as it is acidic in nature. It is better to use filtered RO water for hydroponic applications. Also, mix the product well with the water and test the ph levels. It also raises the PPM levels. Make sure to test the mixed solution for PPM levels so that it does not exceed the recommended levels. For general use, this product works well with tap and well water.

Will Rhizo Blast clog air pumps and air stones?

No, this product will not interfere with the functioning of air stone filtering and air pumps. Rhizo blast is a clean-running product that does not leave any residues that clog such filtering agents. It also does not disrupt the oxygen levels inside the medium.

Can I foliar spray with Rhizo Blast for better leaf production?

Yes, Foliar spraying with Rhizo Blast will do well to your plants. It will enhance your plant’s growth and encourage lush foliage production.

Rhizo blast Usage Application

Shake well before you start using the application or when mixing with other concentrates. Mix 2ml/gallon to encourage vigorous root development and plant growth. Germinate the seeds and allow the plants to grow the initial roots before applying this mix. It works well after successful cloning and initial root development. You can start using this mix in the seedling stage of the plant cycle so that it gets the maximum amount of nutrients. Also, make sure to allow the mix to blend well with the medium before adjusting the ph.

Botanicare Rhizo blast ingredients

Total Nitrogen (N) -1.15% (0.21% Ammonical Nitrogen, 0.31% Nitrate Nitrogen, 0.61% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen and 0.02% Water Insoluble Nitrogen)

Available Phosphate (P2O5) -0.5%

Soluble Potash (K2O) -1.15%

Derived From: Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Monopotassium Phosphate, Chlorella algae, Ascophyllum Nodosum( seaweed) and 0.005% Yucca extract (wetting agent).

Customer Reviews

Plant fertilizers are many and most of them actually do not deliver great results. Botanicare is a trusted brand that delivers high-quality products with promising results. Rhizo blast is one of the few products that work great and offers enormous support to the roots.

Below are a few customer reviews taken from online forums

“ rhizo blast is the best take away home product. It kicks start’s root growth and works better than any other root growth, accelerator product. Most of the root tonics are just expensive and full of garbage with no results. Rhizo blast is different and does many benefits for the plants. It helped my fruit bearing plants to grow quickly and give a great yield.”

“This product does not stink like other root stimulators and that is one of the best features I love. In addition, it works well with my power cloner and the root systems are growing great. If you want, real results then buy this product. It is worth recommending and offers great support to grow lush foliage.”


Plants require attention and care from the initial stage. No matter what kind of application you use them to grow (hydroponics or aeroponics or soil medium), you have to supply them with essential nutrients. Rhizo blast is one of the best products that supplies essential nutrients, amino acids, and minerals required for healthy roots and plant growth. This product is a highly recommended product, in addition, one of the best picks among many experts.