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At Last, The Secret To Germinate Vegetable Seeds Without Soil Using Hydroponics For Better Yield Is Revealed

Being a botany study I had never practiced this technique of using hydroponics for growing indoor plants, thanks to Dr. W. F. Gericke (the founder of hydroponics) for his greatest contribution. Early I used to practice the normal soil seed germination method. But the result was the poor growth of vegetables giving low yield. One […]

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Do You Have What It Takes To Grow – Introduction To Hydroponics And Equipments You Need For Healthy Yields

So while my forefathers were digging into soil trying to get good yields, the Pharaohs of Egypt munched on hydroponically grown fruits and veggies. Hard to believe but true, hydroponics has been in Earth for hundreds of years. Deriving yields using only water and few nutrients, hydroponics has a great value in today’s world especially […]

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Using Different Types Of Hydroponics Systems In Conventional Use – Complete Guide On How To Get Better Yields At A Budget

As a kid we used to dig our nails onto soil and play with worms. Getting hooked with burying seeds, waiting for the first bloom, watering the plants etc. That’s one helluva gardening experience. Looking back at those memories always keeps me “grounded”. It makes me realize that it’s easy to chop down woods but […]

Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponics – The Practical Solution For Indoor Gardening Troubles. It’s Easy To Get Used To These Different Hydroponic Systems For Your Home

Hydroponics is growing plants in water medium. There is no soil used and all the nutrients for the plants are coming from the water. It saves you gallons of water every year and could get the same or even better yield year after year. Many might think that hydroponics is a complicated technique, in real; […]