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Plasma lights are less power consuming than the HID lights and are much closer to the LED light in their features. Because of its production cost, it is not as popular as LED lights. Chameleon plasma lights are one of the leading brands in this field. They have 4 different kinds of lights that are closer the real sunlight in terms of PAR and the intensity. The low heat production and better light production makes Chameleon plasma lights superior and that is more when LED lights are also incorporated into the lighting system.

Features of Chameleon plasma light

  • There are no electrodes used in the plasma light and it works on electromagnetic field. The induction inside the bulb gets excited and the released electrons create a plasma state inside and it start emitting UV rays. These UV rays are later made into visible spectrum, which in actual is less in amount but enough for the plants. The UV rays and the IR rays from the source are useful for the plants as like the visible light. When the plants get both these as part of their daily nutrition apart from the nutrients we feed them.
  • PAR the photosynthetically active radiation includes all the rays like UV and IR along with the visible light. HID lights do not emit as much UV rays as the plasma light and that makes it superior to the HID lights. It makes a real full spectrum light. These all in one lights also supports all growth stages and there is no need to switch the light with each stage.
  • Heat production is much low in the Chameleon plasma lights. It works cool and there are no filaments that is heated. So the light can be placed closer to the plant for better light spreading. The plants are also able to utilize all the light without much wastage. The energy consumption by the Chameleon plasma light is very low and there are savings on the power bill.
  • Guarantee: Chameleon plasma lights come with a 90 day guarantee and the product may be returned in case of dissatisfaction.

The main drawback of Chameleon plasma light is its cost. It is higher than other kinds of grow lights but when its efficiency and longer run, coupled with the low heat and power consumption are all taken into consideration, the money is well worth spent. Even the quality of light is superior and the life span of the light is longer than other types.
The plasma light bulb can be hot to touch so keep the leaves away from the touch to avoid burning. The light produced is not that hot but the bulb is.

Plasma lights are superior to LED light technology but the lesser production and higher price make its less favorable. When people choose the plasma light, from Chameleon there is a satisfaction guarantee that is not easy to beat. Remember that plasma light is what your plants will need for a better growth but before buying, decide if it is what YOU want with your budget, as they do not come cheap and Chameleon plasma lights are also the same. They are available in 300 w and 500 watts, with or without an additional LED for improving light quality.

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