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Magic Herb Dryer – 5-10 Plant Drying Box

The herbs are dried and stored to be used later. The drying of the herbs is as important as growing them, both need extreme care so that the essential oils and compounds in these plants are not lost during the process of drying. The plant drying is an age old process which in recent times is being done by machineries. The machines make faster, safer and more effective herb drying and more plant weight can be dried within a short span of time and space.

The newer development in this area is the creation of climate controller drying box for herbs. These climate controller drying box makes a controlled environment with perfect temperature and uniform airflow for even drying of the herbs all over and do not let any area to be too crispy while another area is still moist.

The significance of climate controller drying box for herbs

The herbs have essential oils and aromatic compounds. Without extreme care they are lost faster than the water content in the plants. The herbs need good air flow and moderate and constant temperature to lose their water content. When these conditions are provided faster and in high quantity the plants get crispy and too dried with all the goodness lost. With the climate controller boxes, the temperature and air flow are maintained at an optimal level so that all the plants and their parts are dried even and simultaneously.

The drying needs to be at constant pace as well. Too much of moisture in the plants can result in mold and mildew formation that spoils the entire crop. This is where the air flow comes into play. The perfect air flow takes the stale and moist air away and also maintains a particular temperature inside.

Essential parts of a climate controller drying box for herbs

A climate controller drying box would look just like any other grow box, with steel coating outside and inside mostly by Mahogany or pine wood that takes the odor away. The solid construction makes a safe environment for outside to keep the odor and noise under check and also helps in humidity control. The regulated air flow by the fans and the carbon filters makes the humidity and temperature constant. It also provides a dry and warm climate inside for the drying of herbs. Hanging bars will be provided on which the herbs are hung upside down.

Why hang the plants upside down in a climate controller drying box for herbs

The plant part that loses the water content the last will be the fruits and flowers. Hanging the herbs upside down will make sure that the water content is brought down and the other parts of the plant are dried first. Since the flowers and fruits have the capacity to retain water, more water to these parts will not harm them. Moreover, the water retention in these parts also makes sure that the essential oils and compounds are not lost faster. Drying plants horizontally can harm the flowers and fruits because of the weight that falls up on them.

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