Supercloset Grow Cabinet

Closet grow kit includes everything that you need to start growing indoor using mostly hydroponics systems and stealth features. It offers you the ability to grow any plant all year round and resides easily into any small corner of your house. The features of Hydroponics Closet Grow Kit include:

Inclusion of Closet Grow Kit

The closet grow kit comes with numerous components to offer you the ability to start growing from day one.

  • Grow Lights – Use the full light spectrum and proper grow light depending on the plant life stage. Bulb should feature a warm spectrum that encourages plants’ flower production in the hydroponics grow kit.
  • Hydroponic System – Hydroponics system allows faster and larger plant growth. The automated superponic hydroponic system offers higher performance while increasing the yields. Superponics is a combination of two or more single hydroponics method to make one hybrid system. From the types of hydroponic system such as ebb and flow, drip, wick, NFT, floating, aeroponics, your Closet Grow Kit may include one of these or Superponic system.
  • Nutrient Kit – The ready to use nutrient kit allows you to instantly add them and water your plants. The Nutrient kit includes all essential from seedling to flowering stage. The mixing instruction will further assist you in making the correct combinations for maximum benefit.
  • Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer – This device effectively measures indoor/outdoor temperature and also indoor humidity to offer just the right growing surrounding. With these controllers in your closet grow kit, you can sleep peacefully.
  • Carbon Filter – Carbon filter effectively eliminates all odors emanating from inside the closet grow box to give you clean air.
  • Ph Control Kit – This is essential to measure and monitor the content of your reservoir. It supports in measuring pH of nutrient solution and you can adjust it to the desired level.
  • Air Pump And Water Pump – The air pump is widely used to oxygenate hydroponic systems and the water pump is used to water your plants in hydroponics at regular intervals.
  • Internal Circulation Fan – This fan is a must to allow in and out air circulation from your closet grow box. This essential component is usually absent from other closet grow kits.
  • Industrial Graded Power Strip – This offers you clean, safe, and balanced power from 6 grounded outlets to prevent your closet grow box from damage.
  • Timer – Both the light timer and feeding timer are useful devices that comes with the closet grow system. The light timer automatically controls the day and night settings while also allowing you to control the season. The Feeding Timer at regular interval waters your plants.
  • Other Components – The GFCI Shock Buster and TDS Meter are also included with this kit. Any one of the growing media such as Rockwool, perlite, etc. comes with the closet grow kit.

The closet grow kit comprises of a grow box and various components to offer you better and healthy plants with faster and larger yields.

  • Fully automated
  • Low maintenance
  • Grow easily with everything included in closet grow kit
  • Powder coated steel body of grow box offers durability
  • Stealth feature that allows growing in isolation and contains odor, light and noise.

The many advantages and disadvantages of Closet grow kit are mentioned further.


  • Compact design to easily accommodate in limited space.
  • This Still unit stays isolated
  • Its stealth property to protect your plants from outsider
  • Offers complete control over the growing climate
  • Tactfully contains light, noise, and odors
  • A highly efficient kit to offer improved yields


  • Proper air ventilation is essential
  • Heat buildup from the grow lights and other equipments must be expelled.
  • No easy movement possible
  • Power failure may lead to death of plants unless you are available to take care of them.


Frequently Asked Questions – Grow Closet Kits

How does the closet grow tent kit work for my plants?

One of the foremost functions of stealth closet grow tent kit is to keep away prying neighbors or little hands away from what you are growing. If you are dealing with confined space, then closet grow tent kit can help in growing plants hydroponically all in one room instead of looking for place to grow plants. Once you get the idea of how indoor closet grow tent kit will work for you, you can increase the grow room to a great extent and derive healthier yields at all time.

Where can I find cheap but best complete closet grow kit?

There are many sites available such as, and more that provides you with cheap yet best complete closet grow kit at discounted prices.

What are the equipments included in the complete closet grow kit?

It comes down to the kit you are opting for. While some complete closet grow kit includes ballast, reflectors with HPS grow bulbs, some kits provide you with reflector hangers and many more. Though the specifications and cost differ, the quality remains the same for better results.

Are grow room kits available for sale in other countries?

Yes, though the brands might be different, grow room kits are available at various countries including Australia, Canada, Greece, UK and more.

What is the need for Co2 in the closet grow kit?

Note that Co2 is only required where plants are not growing as you expected. Before you go with Co2 in your closet grow kit, make sure that all the rules that are necessary for growing good tents are followed by you. For instance, keep a check that the nutrients are fed correctly, pH balance is right, water in the reservoir is changed, no clogging in the hydroponic system and more. Though these things seem frivolous, they are extremely important and play a vital role in delivering you best yields.



Can I grow weed in grow box full kit?

Yes, you can grow anything in your grow box full kit. Right from veggies to cannabis or fruits to flowers, grow box full kit can help you to grow anything.

What is the function of fan in grow room kit?

Circulation fan plays a crucial role in your grow room kit. The circulation fan plays the role of breeze in the garden. With a support from net trellis, your plants can enjoy good breeze not to mention good strength in the rooting area.

What lights are best for grow room kits?

LED grow lights are preferred by many growers since they happen to be undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to delivering yields in closet grow kit. However, they tend to be on the costly side and hence the secondmost best grow lights are MH/HPS that give you good yields and the right value for your economy. If you can afford led grow lights, then I say, what the heck go indulge in some of best herbage although I do NOT recommend it to newbies as the risk is too high.

What is a staking kit in grow box?

Staking kit in grow box is mostly used to give good support to the plants. There are many sites that will provide you quality staking box or support cage (basically net trellis) to give your plants not only a good support in helping them grow higher but also to provide space from one another so that the air circulation passes in a good amount so as to strengthen the roots.

Does all grow room have a ventilation kit?

Yes, every grow room or closet grow kit come with vents or ventilation to calm down the temperature of the grow room inside. Proper ventilation helps the grow room to stay cool and offers a better climate for the plants to grow healthy.

Is hydroponics grow kit with tent available for beginners?

Yes, hydroponics grow kit with tent is available for beginners at a smaller size. It is called the Gorilla Grow Tent which arrives at various sizes that suits your space limitation. You can then order your hydroponics system and starter kits at your preference. However, the grow box too works equally well for beginners and experienced likewise.