Supercloset Grow Cabinet

SuperCloset is one of the best sellers of Hydroponic Grow Systems and Grow Boxes in the world. It has its base in San Francisco, California and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a perfect A+ rating. Mr. Kip Andersen is the founder and CEO of SuperCloset, also known as SuperPonics. It was started in the year 2002 and still runs successfully with a large client base. It is the most talked about product within the indoor gardening community and it has expert staffs who never stops on researching for better options and improvements to the existing SuperCloset products. The Closet grow kit by SuperCloset has the following components:

1. TechnaFlora Nutrients Super Pack – Hydroponics Supplies

This is a power packed nutrient kit which is a part of the Closet grow kit by SuperCloset includes all the essential nutrients required for the nourishment of the plants. All the supplies in the package of supercloset deluxe are provided to the customer in the right proportion needed for the plants. Also the measurement in which you have to give to your plants each time is given. So there wouldn’t be any confusion. The nutrient upgrade pack includes a 500 ml bottle of Thrive Alive B-1 Red, 1 liter of BC Boost, 1 liter of BC Grow, 1 littler of BC Bloom, 500 ml of Awesome Blossoms, 500 ml of MagiCal and 1 liter of SugarDaddy.

2. Super CO2 Kit – Hydroponic CO2 Kit – Hydroponic CO2 Regulator

The Super CO2 kit helps in increasing the yield of the plants by 50% and that too in half the time taken by the plants grown via other methods. This closet grow kit by SuperCloset can be set up in less than 5 minutes. The installation of supercloset superbox and working of it is very simple and easy to understand with the help of the instructions manual provided along with this closet grow kit. The reason why the CO2 kit of supercloset trinity is effective is because it contains a solenoid, regulator, timer and injection tubing which is easy to implement and use. The weight of this kit or hydroponic CO2 regulator is 1 lb.

3. TechnaFlora Nutrients Recipe for Success – Hydroponic Supplies

The TechnaFlora nutrient recipe provides the details of the apt recipes and nutrient mixtures needed for the plant to grow healthier and stronger. High quality plant nutrients and additives are manufactured by the TechnaFlora Plant Products Ltd. This closet grow kit by SuperCloset includes 1 – 500 ml B.C. Grow, 1 – 500 ml B.C. Boost, 1 – 500 ml B.C. Bloom, 1 – 125 ml Thrive Alive B-1 Red, 1 – 125 ml Thrive Alive B-1 Green, 1 – 7 g Rootech Cloning Ge, 1 – 125 ml Awesome Blossoms, 1 – 125 ml MagiCal, 1 – 250 ml Root 66 and 1 – 250 ml Sugar Daddy.

4. Total Germination Package – Hydroponic Germination Kit

The germination closet grow kit by SuperCloset offers a number of products like seedling tray, humidity dome, seedling heat mat, heat mat thermostat and rock wool cube medium which will help in each and every stage of the growth and development of the plants. This germination kit will assist in the whole process of germination.

5. Bluelab Guardian Monitor – Hydroponic Supplies

A part of the closet grow kit by SuperCloset, this is a monitor where the pH level, total conductivity and temperature levels are displayed on a LCD display panel. The LED display panel is large and easy to read and has the seal of ‘Plant Safe’. There is also a built in alarm system in the supercloset super star which you can set for high and low settings as well as keep it silent. You do not have to worry about any crop failure or any risk of disease being infected on the plants. International power supply is provided with a water resistant design.

6. Method 7 Grow Room Glasses – Growing Glasses

This closet grows kit by SuperCloset is available in two forms: Method 7 HPS Growing Glasses and Method 7 LED Growing Glasses. The Method 7 HPS Growing Glasses follows the patent technology of Rendition Technology. This technology helps the gardener to protect their eyes from High Pressure Sodium Lighting (HPS) and help them to view the whole range of colors. The Method 7 LED Growing Glasses are a must to be used by the gardeners while dealing with their grow cabinet. The LED lights can give a space age, purple glow but it can have huge negative effects on your eye sight. Hence using these glasses is recommended.

7. Stealth RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter – Hydroponic Supplies

This water filter Osmosis is used to filter and save water. It stabilizes the pH levels and prevents the mineral build up.

Supercloset reviews

The responses from growers in their Supercloset reviews have been amazing. Though all the products of Supercloset are excellent making it one of the topmost brands in USA, the only downside is the price that is a bit costly. But when you look at the positive features that are delivered by Supercloset, the product is definitely worth the price. However, there are Supercloset coupon codes and discount offers that provide you with cut-off rate on supercloset products you are ordering giving you a slight relief when it comes to ‘price’ of the product.