Supercloset Grow Cabinet

Closet grow kits becomes Complete only when everything needed for plant growth is included in it. The Complete Closet Grow Kits comes with the whole lot to start growing from day one. The closet grow kits use Supersonics or a combination of hydroponics system for plant growth.

The benefits of using a Complete Closet Grow Kits

  • You don’t have to search for any part or component to start growing. Just insert seed or clone, water them and commence growing.
  • The all components that come with Complete Closet Grow Kits are commercial grade with high quality.
  • The complete growing process is discreet in the stealth closet grow box that allows growing happening in private.
  • The easy to follow instructional DVD with the super closet grow box will help you with step wise details in setting up the closet grow box. For beginners, nothing to bother about. It also includes instruction to prepare you to get growing.
  • With this grow kits, you get no hassles three years warranty on all components except the bulbs.
  • The unlimited technical, customer and grow support offered is an added advantage with your Complete Closet Grow Kits.

What All Are Included In Complete Closet Grow Kits?

1. Closet Grow Box – Closet Grow Box is a complete plant life cycle supporting stealth grow box. It allows Germinating, Cloning, Vegetating, and Flowering all at the same time. This offers faster plant growth while drastically reducing time till harvest. Many Closet Grow Box that comes with Complete Closet Grow Kits consists of two growing chambers. One is used to hold the clones or seeds and other for mother plants. The two of the best Closet Grow Box units by Supercloset are SuperLocker 3.0 and Trinity 3.0:

  • SuperLocker 3.0 – This is a small closet that can hold 10 clones and 8 mother plants at one time.
  • Trinity 3.0 – This is a larger closet that can hold 50 clones and 16 mother plants at one time. Trinity closet box comes with two complete full-cycles, grow boxes, with 3 total chambers. This allows you to reduce your harvest time down to one month or double your yields with a standard cycle time. It comprises of one cloning chamber and two vegetative/flowering chambers.

Without the closet grow box, the kit is not complete as it forms the core part of it.

2. Hydroponic system – The Complete Closet Grow Kits includes superponic hydroponic grow system. Superponic combines two or more hydroponic system to offer you high performing system. SuperPonic Hydroponic Systems allows plants to grow up to 2 times faster than any single hydroponic method, and up to 5 times faster than growing in soil. The Deep Water Culture hydroponic system is used in cloning chamber to promote rapid and juicy white plant root development. The automated top feed and Deep Water Culture hydroponic system offers easy, better, faster and larger growth to plants in vegetative chambers. Hydroponics system is must for watering the plants and so is the heart of Closet Grow Kits that makes it complete.

3. Lighting System – The HPS Lighting System is used in vegetative/ flowering chamber of Closet Grow box and the High Output Fluorescent Lighting is used for germinating/cloning chamber. Lighting system replicates sun light to plant and is essential to make Closet Grow Kits complete.

4. Carbon Filter –The Industrial Grade Carbon Filter eliminates all odors emanating from inside the product. It works perfect for straight two years without needing any replacement. It also ensures to keep neutral air movement around the closet. This important component is a must in Complete Closet Grow Kits to keep clean growing environment.

5. Trellis system – This is a great support system for plants that holds an essential part in Complete Closet Grow Kits. It helps to improve yields up to 30% by supporting and training plants to form even canopies for equal light penetration from plants top to bottom.

6. Other components that makes Closet Grow Kits complete are:

  • Nutrient Kit
  • Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer
  • pH Control Kit
  • Air Pump and water pump
  • Internal Circulation Fan
  • TDS Meter
  • Industrial Power Strip
  • Timer
  • GFCI Shock Buster
  • Growing media, different variety comes with separate units

The complete Closet Grow Kits are the best to start for both beginners and expert growers alike. They are available in several shapes and sizes to easily fit into your needs. Of course, you can always go with DIY closet grow box i.e. homemade closet grow box but there are always chances of risk. However, I will advise you to go with the professional design and setup that have been tested and verified to satisfy the growers, thus giving you much less worries to deal with.