Big Buddha Box (48 Plant) Complete Grow Room Tent

Plants we like cannot always grow in any environment. For this very reason, we look for closed environments where we can set the conditions for the plants to grow, keeping in mind what is good for that plant. The complete grow room packages will provide you with what you will need to get started with this. It is a very popularly used package by grow room enthusiasts as the features provided with it are technologically advanced to provide you with the best services.

The grow room packages have developed through the years to fit the need of any hydroponics practitioner. For the novice, hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without soil, with their roots suspended in water. This water is a medium which contains all the necessary nutrients for it to grow. The water and nutrients are directly available to the plant roots and they are very readily absorbed by the plants. This type of gardening is also called soil-less gardening (which is an obvious name). Hydroponics has been practiced for many years, although in today’s world, it has faced many new innovations.

The new advances in hydroponics are the reason why you should go for the Complete grow room packages, because it is inclusive of many types of equipment for plant growth and sustenance.

With the tools and equipments provided to you in the grow room packages, you can very efficiently control the temperature and lighting to which your plants are exposed, resulting in beautifully flourishing plants. These not only shout vibrancy and health but they also provide heavy yields.

The complete grow room packages have been well thought out with whichever growing kit you would prefer hydroponic or organic etc. The grow rooms are stuffed with customized equipments for the complete and quick growth of your plants. They contain gallon pots, saucers, lighting systems of varied Watts which you can choose from, hanger light movers, for adjustable lighting, carbon fillers, inline fans, thermometers, hygrometers, a smaller fan, light timer and much more if you prefer.

The nutrients and medium are up to you to choose and these can be chosen according to your preference. With these available as well, setting up the complete grow room packages would be a piece of cake. All you would have to do is assemble the grow room which is another easy process and you wouldn’t need a trained technician for this. It is doable by a person at home with not many settings and controls or confusing frames.

There has always been a worry about the lighting system heating up the grow rooms. This fear can be completely removed. All you will need is a cooling system for your lights. This will not take up much energy. The air cooling reflectors are attached to the inline fan and a ducting system which will help in pulling cool air from outside the tent and pushing the hot air from near the lighting system outside. The cool air would reach inside the grow room through the bulbs themselves. In this way, you can be rest assured that unwanted hot air would never enter your grow room.

Grow Room Package – Whats Included

The complete grow room also has light blocking and reflective equipments. The intensity of lighting can be chosen from a wide variety of options available, eg: 1000 W, 60 W, 400 W, etc. They have very reliable ballast, with digital settings and it is dimmable. The air filter provided will improve the quality of air that enters the grow room. The air filters will also help in preventing odors that so often hang around plant cultivation. These not only arise from the organic nutrient provided, but also from a huge amount of plants being grown in a single location. With all the features in the complete grow room package, there can only be healthy plants in the grow room, but the air filters will completely control the air coming in and going out of the grow room.

There are also CO2 activators available with the complete grow room packages. These provide that extra thrust for the growth of the plants. The extra CO2 rich air will activate the growth of the plants so that they grow at a much higher rate than in normal conditions. The CO2 is proved through leakage proof ducts; so that you do not have any wastage. The digital lighting timer will also enhance the growth. This is because, in normal conditions, the lighting available for plants is not always consistent, but with the lighting controlled by a timer or manually can provide the sufficient amount of lighting for the period required. The plants will thrive under such conditions as there is perfect support for growth and the yield will show the results. The light hangers available in every package will help you maneuver the lighting inside the room.

The ducts provided in the complete grow room packages are tough, class 1 aluminum and flexible. They are corrosion resistant with a tough helical pattern and they also come along with stainless steel clamps for support. Grow packages with Lumigrow LEDs will also nudge the plants to grow faster and better as the light provided is focused on this very purpose. The fans have clip hangers that will help you to move them around as much as you want in any location you want. This will help to cool down the air near the plants and prevent the usual “greenhouse effect” that happens when plants are grown together under one room (although the glass is the main contributor to this). Glass is completely avoided in the complete grow room packages and so are other unwanted materials like plastic that could hinder the growth of the plants.

Some packages come without the nutrients, mediums and containers. This will let you purchase them separately and you can customize them according to the size and type of the plants you would like to grow in the grow rooms.

With the complete grow room packages, indoor gardening will be a breeze. Check out the packages today!



Frequently Asked Questions

Do grow room packages come at an affordable price?

Yes, there are many websites such as or dealzer that gives you quality products at a budget fit price. You can choose the packages as per the size of your grow tent.

Are grow room packages available in countries such as UK, Canada etc?

Many online stores provide grow room packages at an economical shipping rate to many countries in the world such as UK, Canada, Europe etc.

What all can I expect in a hydroponic grow room package?

If you are building your own DIY grow room, then hydroponic grow room packages includes excellent products such as inline fans, fan speed controller, reflectors, grow lights, hydroponic system and many more that has been tested to time giving it a good running life and a best value for your economy.

Where do I buy cheap grow room ventilation packages or ventilation kits? is one of the best sites which offers you excellent ventilation packages or kits at an affordable price. Be it flexible ducting, inline fans or air circulation fans, you can buy them either as a package or single purchase at

Are LED lights best for grow room?

Without a doubt, LED lights work excellently for your grow room. Many growers prefer LEDs because as they do not emit heat unlike other grow lights. But LEDs tend to be on the expensive side and if you are owning a small time grow room, then I recommend MH or HPS as they will work well for your grow room.

Can I use HPS/MH lights for grow room kits for sale?

Of course, you can. MH and HPS grow lights provide good yields for your plants and if you are a small time grower, you can make the best advantage of MH/HPS lights during the flowering and vegetative stages. They also come at economical price and the heatsink, reflectors etc. only help in cutting down heat as well as spreading the specturm in areas of grow room promoting good penetration.

What are dark room grow tent packages?

Dark room grow tent packages are nothing but Secret Jardin dark room grow tents that provide not only stealth growing but will also help the plants to grow lavishly by inhibiting rodents, pests and other environmental troubles.

What is the best company that provides indoor grow room packages?

Currently, is one of the best branded company that offers you various grow room packages that range from small size to larger ones that delivers you with promising yields. It doesn’t matter if you are beginner or an expert, the patent pending hydroponic superponic system from Supercloset will deliver you 3x-5x bigger and lush harvest than traditional grow systems.

A grow room is created by a grow tent and other necessary supplies needed to start indoor gardening. The grow room can be large or small depending upon the size of the tent as well as the capacity of the grow system. What makes a complete grow room package is the inclusion of the grow tent, hydroponics system, lighting, climate control system with complete control over the air, moisture and temperature, along with the nutrient kit and other essential supplies. The complete package has all that is needed to set up a small or grow rooms that can accommodate any kind of herbs, vegetables or fruits plants, or flowering plants.


Big-Buddha-Box---78-Plant-HTypes of Complete Grow Room Packages

The complete grow room packages available from the Supercloset are,

  • Complete Buddha Box
  • Complete Big Buddha Box
  • 2’ x 4’ SuperRoom
  • 5’ x 5’ SuperRoom
  • 5’ x 9’ SuperRoom
  • 9’ x 9’ SuperRoom

All these grow room packages includes common requirements to set up an indoor grow room. What differentiates them is the size of the grow tent and size and kind of grow system used. The grow system has the capacity according to the size of the tent.

A complete grow room package includes

Grow tent

Grow tent is the most essential part of the the complete grow room package. It is the grow tent that creates the room and holds all the equipments on it. It creates the perfect environment for the plants. The grow tents need to be strong and durable. The thickness of the tents determines its ability to keep the inner environment intact without being disturbed by the external climate. The tent material should be impermeable to light or air. The complete grow room packages from Supercloset comes with the thickest and sturdier grow tents, the Gorilla grow tents.

The grow tents in the the complete grow room package is set up with stainless steel coated rods. These rods are connected to each other by interlocking. These strong rods can support the weight of the air filters and the lighting system hanging from the top. The thicker tent canvas makes a good insulation and do not let light or air to pass through them. During night no light will enter the grow room from outside, disturbing the darker hours. It blocks the bugs and dust effectively to keep the inside of the grow room hygiene and clean to help grow healthy plants. The grow tent material is fire proof as well.


Grow systems

The grow system in the complete grow room package is the unit that holds the growing plants. Supercloset uses hydroponics units that use more than one type of watering methods to feed the plants. The grow systems seen in Supercloset grow room packages are Buddha box- a vertical hydroponics unit, 16-site hydroponics grow box, 6, 12 or 24-site bubble flow bucket system, 20, 26 or 52-site superflow units. The grow system comes with the the complete grow room package and the grower gets the option to choose the bubble flow bucket or the Superflow unit in the grow tents of the size 5 x 5, 5 x 9 or the 9 x 9.

The grow systems uses Superponics to nourish the plants and provide the nutrients by deep water culture by allowing the root system to grow into the nutrient rich water, top feed drip system by which the roots are watered from the top by a small tube connected above the net cups. Superflow and Bubble flow systems uses ebb n flow by which the root system is completely immersed in the nutrient water for a particular time period and then the water is drained completely. Another method is aeroponics by which the air bubbles are created by an air pump and air stones and the bubbles when they break on reaching the surface will create a watery mist around the roots. This way the nutrients are directly loaded on to the roots allowing faster growth. Superflow system also makes use of NFT method and that is to have a thin film of nutrient water at the root tips.

The Buddha box is a vertical hydroponics unit that has grow trays arranged one above the other. Depending on the size of the Buddha box, normal or big, it can hold up to 72 plants in a single unit. The Superponics unit uses deep water culture, aeroponics, and NFT for faster and quality growth.

Light System

In the grow room the light system hangs vertically from the top at the centre. The Buddha box complete grow room package includes the Lumatek HPS light system with 400w grow bulb. The super cooling system keeps the temperature from the light under control and allows maximum intensity and penetration without harming the plants. In the other grow room packages the 400w grow light uses a reflector on a yo-yo system to allow even distribution of light and better light availability for photosynthesis. Other bigger grow room package uses 600w grow bulbs and necessary cooling system and digital ballast to control the lighting.

Climate Control

The climate control system in the the complete grow room kit includes the air filters and circulatory fans for fresh air, optimum temperature, and successful moisture control along with better air circulation. The powerful activated carbon filters keeps the air fresh and supply only good air for the plants and the circulatory fans spread it evenly and also controls the temperature from the light. The dual speed fans can control the humidity also. The speed of the fans may be increased in case of higher temperature or humidity.

Nutrient Kit is also part of the complete grow room package. It includes the nutrients for vegetative growth, flowering, and ripening that have the elements in different composition according to the needs. There is no guessing about the amount of nutrients to be added as there is a mixing chart and well explained instructions along with it. A TDS meter will show the nutrient level of the water. Other inclusions in the package are the digital thermometer that shows the temperature and humidity, analog timer to control the timings of light, fans and watering, shock buster that cuts off the power in case of short circuit, plant substrates, net trellis system that helps in partition of the growing plants from crowding each other, and an industrial power strip that supplies a balanced power.