Mini Mortgage Lifter 3.0 – 20 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent

The Grow Room packages are professionally designed and fully automated set ups. It comes complete with everything you need for a smooth and easy start to growing. The Complete Grow Room Packages includes the best grow tent in the industry. It includes hydroponics system and other hydroponic supplies as well. All components such as grow lights, timer, carbon filter, net trellis, and many more combines with hydroponics system and grow tent to offer you the Complete Grow Room Packages.

Complete Grow Room Packages comes in varied sizes with different plant holding capacity. The hydroponic system that comes along Grow Room Packages is also different depending upon your choice. You can even accommodate vertical hydroponic systems into comparatively large sized grow tent.

The details on each inclusion of Complete Grow Room Packages are as mentioned below:

Before going into those details, first, go through the types of Complete Grow Room Packages that are offered by supercloset. It offers the most innovative and ready to use products in the market that will make even your first growing experience memorable.

  • Buddha Box Complete Grow Room
  • Big Buddha Box Complete Grow Room
  • 2′ x 4′ SuperRoom
  • 5′ x 5′ SuperRoom
  • 5′ x 9′ SuperRoom
  • 9′ x 9′ SuperRoom
  • The 2′ x 4′, 5′ x 5′, 5′ x 9′ and 9′ x 9′ SuperRooms are available with LED lighting system as well.

Grow Tent

The Complete Grow Room Packages comes with the industry best Gorilla Grow tent. It offers your grow room the complete controlled growing environment. It is the tallest, thickest, strongest and safest grow tent variety available in the market.

This Grow tent comes in thick and 1680D dense fabric to fully contain light, odor and noise. The poles are made of solid material and interlocking systems allow them to stand erect. The reflective walls inside the grow tent offers even lumen distribution, while preventing hot spots. The fire and flood resistant canvas will last long offering you prolonged use. The height adjustable feature is an added advantage of grow tent that increases plant size and yields. With Gorilla Grow tent you get the finest quality, superior yields, ease of maintenance, and fun filled growing experience.

Hydroponic System

The Complete Grow Room Packages may include different type of Hydroponic System depending upon the package. For example 2’x4’ SuperRoom uses SuperPonics 16 that combines top feed and DWC. Or 9’x9’ SuperRoom may come with either 52 Site SuperFlow or 24 Site BubbleFlow Bucket dual action hydroponic systems depending upon your choice. The Buddha Box complete grow room comes with vertical hydroponic system.

The plant holding capacity in each grow room package depends on the type of hydroponic system. The bubble flow bucket system comes in 6, 12 or 24-site and Superflow in 16, 20, 26 or 52-site to accommodate plants accordingly. The grow room package becomes complete only with the hydroponic system.

Lighting System

Proper lighting system is very important in a quality complete grow packages. The SuperCool Lumatek Lighting System contains two high performance fans that offers stable and temperate environment. Smaller grow room packages come complete with 400w grow light and larger packages includes one, two or more 600w grow light, depending upon the size of the grow room.

The Lumatek ballasts used are digital and dimmable that offers you ability to operate light/s at 50%, 75%, 100%, and even at the 110% Lumens setting. This component minimizes electrical consumption and maximizes your yields.

The completely sealed glass reflector hoods are capable to reflect light and lumens to the maximum extent. Also, durable and adjustable yo-yo system gives you ability to raise and lower grow lights quickly and easily.

With this complete and perfect lighting system, your grow room packages will prove a boon for you.

Other Components

The Complete Grow Room Packages also includes:

  • Phresh Carbon Filters – it effectively contains odor and keeps environment clean
  • Trellis system – offers support to plants to form nice canopies for maximum light penetration
  • ActiveAir Internal Circulation Fans – this essential part eliminates mold or mildew growth and minimizes bug problems
  • Timer – it helps to control air, water and light in your grow rooms.
  • Safety GFCI and Safe Electrical hookups – This safety feature is must in grow room packages as anytime water and electronic device may come in contact with each other.
  • TDS, Nutrient Meter, Nutrients, PH Kit – all these essentials, measures and maintains an ideal growing environment.

Complete Grow Room Packages come fully automated with all parts and components to start from day one. Additionally, it also includes instructional DVD to offer guidance in setting up and preparing you to grow. The grow tent comes with one year warranty and the hydroponic system and other components with three years warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions – Complete grow rooms:

Do I need complete grow room kits?

Complete grow room kits are an necessity when it comes to growing indoors. Be it hydroponically or soil based, if you are planning to derive healthy yields, then complete grow room kits comes with all the necessary tools that will help you build healthy herbage year after year. With grow lights, circulation fan and a thick strong grow tent, you don’t have to worry about your rodents eating up your precious plants anymore.

Is it really that easy to setup complete grow room?

Yes, believe it or not, it is quite easy to setup a complete grow room. Just follow the instructions and you can build the perfect grow room all by yourself. It takes less than 20 minutes to set up the grow tent. Of course, you can always call for help if needed.

What is the function of complete grow room controller?

Grow room controller i.e. climater controllers are specifically designed for grow room uses. There are many models of complete grow room controller that will help you to control the temperature and humidity inside. You can program the climate controller to coordinate with the ventilation or CO2 device so as to keep the inside of your grow room tent cool and crisp at all times.

How often do I need to clean the hydroponic system in my grow room?

Since plants thrive on hydroponics system, it is actually quite difficult to shut down your grow room system as plants can die within a few hours by the time you clean the grow room. It is always recommended to be vigilant and clean your grow room every day. For instance, make sure there are no dry leaves or dead stock, wiping any unwanted spill are some of the things that you need not leave for later period.

How often should I change the reservoir of grow room tent?

It is advised that you clean and alter nutrient water of the reservoir once in every two weeks. Make sure you are using soluble nutrient that doesn’t leave any residue or clog your hydroponics system.

Where will I find complete indoor grow rooms online?

There are many sites such as,, etc. that features many grow rooms at affordable price.

Are LED lights necessary for complete led grow rooms kits?

LED lights are one of the prominent features of grow rooms. If you can afford, you can very well opt for a package that comes with led grow lights or else you can always go with HPS/MH grow lights that will give you good results at a low cost.