Container gardening or planting are one of the ways to get better yields especially when you are having a small home. So here are some great ideas that you can start with.

What is container gardening? Simple. It is a container that holds soil and grows plants. You need not go out and buy containers for your garden. If you have small pots or empty containers lying around, utilize them to your benefit to grow rich and crispy vegetables. Just make sure that they have adequate space for roots to grow have drainage holes at the bottom.

Some of the common material often used are cast cement, peat pots, pottery, metal, fiberglass, stone or stoneware, wood etc. You can even use recycled containers such as washtubs, wagons, carts etc.

One of the benefits of container gardening is they require less effort and time. If you are growing plants on a terrace, check the arrangement of sun light. While some plants require good amount of sun, some need much necessary shade for growing healthy. Do a bit research and find out about plants. Its all about knowing the plants before you grow them. For example: there are four different shades of sun, light, partial, full and dense. In light shade, plants get only four to six hours of sunlight.

The main problem with growing vegetables in the urban areas are (1) lack of space, contaminated soil due to high level of metals such as arsenic or lead or soil borne diseases. In this case, you can benefit from container gardening. Usually vegetables that are fit for growing in small containers are plants that do not require much sunlight. Small veggies like lettuce, spinach, parsley, cabbage can work well under shady atmosphere.

The key to effective container gardening is choosing and combining the right kind of plants. Always make sure the roots are healthy. There are some plants that die if the root is too moist. Jade or christmas cactus are some of the examples of dry root. Combine plants that have the similar taste in root growth.

There are many herbs that can be grown in containers. As they are perennial, they can be grown year after year and can even be kept indoors during winter season.

For container gardening, we suggest some of the herbs such as purple sage, chives, greek oregano, rosemary, thyme, golden sage, marjoram.

Remember to water the plants only when it is required. Remove out any dried or rotten leaves to keep your plants healthy. Check for pests both indoors and outdoors and take necessary action. Do not forget to re-pot your plants. Every plants need re-potting in few years as they become “pot bound”. If you increase the pot size, you can also increase the plant size thus getting more yields.