Cooling water in hydroponics reservoir

Are you looking out for options on how to cool water in hydroponics reservoir? Then this is for you. When you have a cool water that is void of any problems, the results are optimum. This article is completely devoted to techniques on how you can get good yields by cooling the reservoir of your hydroponics.

Hydroponic System

Using hydroponics system is a good thing but it comes with equal amount of responsibilities such as maintaining the internal temperature, keeping good ventilation, balancing the grow lights etc. and many more. But while noting these big things, people tend to forget the small things that goes unnoticed. One of them is the maintaining the cooling of water in the hydroponics reservoir.

How does cooling of water in hydroponics reservoir affect the plants?

It doesn’t matter on the type of hydroponics system you are using, be it deep water, top feed, aeroponics or bubbleponics, internal high temperatures can affect the root zone of your plants thereby giving you unhealthy yields which is basically a waste of time and energy.

You will admit that the water in the reservoir are constantly affected by the temperature of the plants. When this occurs, it inadvertently affects the roots thereby increasing their temperature that will lower the dissolved oxygen levels. This will result in oxygen deprivation that can lead to infectious bacteria in your plants such as pythium.

We recommend to keep the normal air temperature at 75 to 80oF but the root zone less or at 68oF. It is best to keep the reservoir temperature a bit cooler than the root area as you have the overall system that will raise the temperature by the time it reaches to the roots.

Note that during summer seasons you need to double the effort to cool water in hydroponics reservoir as the temperature would be soaring during this season. Many of the grow cabinets come with submersible pump that will also add up to the heat. Make sure you have a digital thermometer to check the temperature and also keep a note to use an inline pump to reduce heat transfer.

Some of the ideas to cool water in hydroponics reservoir are:

  • Try adding cold water while filling the reservoir (sometimes abrupt changes in the temperature might shock the roots)
  • Getting big reservoir will can curb the temperature as they take less time to warm up
    place the reservoir in the floor or on concrete blocks as they absorb the heat from the water.
  • Try using a cooler for your reservoir that comes with proper insulation and a drainage system.
  • Use an additional fan and place it directly to your reservoir that will help in effective cooling of your system.
  • Many people keep their reservoir outside the grow room which will reduce the heat progress. The main reason is because reservoirs in the grow room can heat up quickly due to the grow lights, reflectors and other electrical equipment’s.
  • You can also install electrical a/c units that are specially designed to cool water.