Crystal Burst 2.5 gal

Crystal Burst is a high-potency bloom enhancer that includes vitamin B1. It is available in different sizes such as Quart, Gallon and 2.5 Gallon. Further, the details of Crystal Burst 2.5gal are discussed.

Crystal Burst is a useful nutrient for plants growing in hydroponic systems. Hydroponics is a soil less indoor gardening method. In hydroponics the nutrients are added to water for plant growth. With hydroponics, components, tools and proper nutrients you can enjoy eating all foods all year round. The best quality hydroponic nutrients can help you to grow large, healthy, productive indoor plants.

You can choose from various different nutrients available in the market. Humboldt County’s Own is one of those competent companies that develops many nutrient products to enhance plant growth. Its product line consists of many plants enhancer, one being Crystal Burst.

Crystal Burst is a high-potency bloom enhancer that includes vitamin B1. It is available in different sizes such as Quart, Gallon and 2.5 Gallon. Further, the details of Crystal Burst 2.5gal are discussed.

Features of Crystal Burst 2.5 gal

The several important features of Crystal Burst 2.5gal are stated below:

1. Booster – Crystal Burst 2.5 gal is one of the most potent liquid Phosphorus and potassium Boosters available in the market.
2. Quality with Affordability – Crystal Burst 2.5 gal includes high quality elements and is also a cost effective nutrient. Though it is 50% stronger than other most popular brands in the market, it is priced the same.
3. Benefit of Vitamin B1- The healthy quantity of Vitamin B1 included in Crystal Burst 2.5 gal helps relieve plant stress caused by high performance bloom treatments.
4. Stimulator – Crystal Burst 2.5 gal is speedily absorbed and encourages flowering and stimulates resinous oil and fragrance production in several flowers, culinary and medicinal herbs.
5. Compatible – It is a highly concentrated booster that works well with all other well known nutrient lines.

Ingredients of Crystal Burst 2.5 gal

Three important crystal burst ingredients, namely, Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) and Vitamin B1. It is normally known as Crystal Burst (0-15-15), in which 0 is nitrogen, 15 is Phosphorus and 15 is Potassium.

1. No Nitrogen – Nitrogen is an essential ingredient required by plants but it produces it naturally and an additional dose is not always necessary. No nitrogen is included in this nutrient so that your plants won’t burn.

2. Phosphorous – Phosphorus is a component of the complex nucleic acid structure of plants. Phosphorus regulates protein synthesis and therefore is an important ingredient for cell division and development of new plant tissue. It is also connected with complex energy transformations in the plant. Adding up extra dose of phosphorus is necessary for soil with low phosphorus. Moreover, it also promotes healthy root growth and accelerates maturity. Crystal Burst 2.5gal includes perfect amount of Phosphorous for healthy plant roots.

3. Potassium – Potassium is necessary for plant growth and development. It regulates the opening and closing of stomata. It also plays an important role in Photosynthesis by regulating CO2 uptake. Additionally, Potassium helps in faster and stronger plant growth, fight off diseases, makes plants pest resistance, utilizes water in a better manner and makes plants more drought resistant. It also supports in production of more crops. Potassium assists in all inner functioning of the plants and the precise quantity of Potassium in Crystal Burst 2.5gal will simply improve overall plant growth.
4. Vitamin B1 – Crystal Burst 2.5 gal also consists of one non plant food ingredient i.e. Vitamin B1 which is an useful ingredient to stimulate quick formation of new root hairs after stress condition such as transplantation, storm, hurricane or similar damage. It assists revitalization of the delicate roots that gets damage in stress situations. The inclusion of 0.10 percent of Vitamin B1 in this nutrient line works well for root growth.

Direction for Use

Add one teaspoon or 5 ml per gallon of nutrient solution after flowering starts to appear on plants and continue using until harvest.

Crystal Burst 2.5gal will increase the size and mass of your flowers. Use this friendly featured nutrient with all your other favorite nutrients and watch your plants bloom.