Secret Jardin Dark Street v2.5 DS150, 60 inch x 60 inch x 80 inch

Secret Jardin Dark Rooms comes in widest range of sizes. These small to large sized Dark Room can get easily adapted to any grow space – be it a hydroponics grow system or any other grow system. These units are built using premium materials making them durable and more user friendly.

Secret Jardin Dark Rooms support growing all types of plants indoors. It includes even those that require a specific condition to grow. These authentic rooms are all set to create a new impression onto the world of indoor plantation. They are just perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners as they attribute the following:

  • Finest Quality: They are Developed and manufactured in Secret Jardin’s own factory that assures the product quality.
  • Total Lightproof: They are totally light proof and efficiently contain light when closed.
  • Diamond Reflective Technology: The reflective layer on the room walls greatly increases light intensity.
  • Weight of 65lbs Accessories: The frame’s sturdy tubes can hold up to 65lbs of weight.
  • Easy quick Assembly: They can easily and quickly be assembled in just few minutes by only one person even though if they are large sized.
  • No Odor, Washable fabric: The material is easily washable inside and outside, so all odors from the fabric gets removed.
  • Portable and Light Weight Material: The material used is light and compact, even for large sized dark rooms. This gives you ability to easily carry and store these dark rooms.
  • Full wide Range: Secret Jardin’s dark room product line is available in different sizes to suit everyone’s requirement, from hobby home gardeners to professional commercial user.

These were the generalized features of the Dark Room. The article further narrates the detailed features of Dark Room II Wide 60 x 36 x 80 (DR150W). Secret Jardin had upgraded its Dark Room II Wide 60 x 36 x 80 (DR150W) and now it features include:

  • Dark Room II Wide 60 x 36 x 80 (DR150W) is Lightweight, durable and washable
  • It comes in 95% reflective Mylar layer interior lining 210D that directs more light to the plants and creates barriers against toxins.
  • This upgraded model comes in strong closely woven interior fabric for improved light proofing,
  • The corner connectors are re-engineered for more strength
  • It includes more robust 5 types of tubes of all range from 16 up to 19 mm in diameter.
  • The frame is strong enough to support up to 65 lbs of lighting, ventilation or other equipment weight,
  • Dark Room II Wide 60 x 36 x 80 (DR150W) is very well equipped for extraction and ventilation.
  • It comes with multiple access ports to accommodate ducting.
  • It includes the pre-threaded zippers with small fabric threading at the back for it to sit tight.
  • The easy to use doors with pre threaded zippers quickly open and closes the entire front of Dark Room II Wide 60 x 36 x 80 (DR150W).
  • The dual sock ports gives added light tightness, security and safety
  • It contains in build carbon filters to contain the odor inside keeping the surrounding clean.
  • It is easy to assemble without using any tools. Its uniqueness is that it gets quickly set up in minutes by just one person.
  • It can also be quickly dismantled for storage.
  • Its dimension is: 60 x 36 x 80

It comes with illustrated instructions to guide you in set up. It also includes a heavy duty carrying bag that offers you mobility and easy storing. The Secret Jardin’s Dark Room II Wide 60 x 36 x 80 (DR150W) is the best light and odor tight grow tent.