Dealzer is a known name as an online seller of hydroponic systems and supplies. It was set up in 2009 and since then it has grown rapidly. Presently, it is offering more than 1500 hydroponics supplies. With Dealzer you get an option to buy either readymade fully assembled grow systems or can buy hydroponic supplies to build your own hydroponic system.

Dealzer provides you with the perfect grow boxes, grow cabinets and grow tents but there are some of you who want to unleash creativity. So, you can always create your own hydroponic system utilizing over 1500, the best hydroponic supplies offered by dealzer. By purchasing these supplies you can build your own grow box or grow tent.

Dealzer hydroponic supplies NYC offers a wide range of products and accessories that has made it the most preferred choice for both beginner and experienced growers. All products sold by dealzer are from the most valued name brands in the market.

You will find a broad collection of hydroponics supplies & equipment at reasonable prices to start or support your hydroponic system. You will find everything at dealzer to get you started. The brief description of the hydroponic supplies offered by Dealzer NYC is discussed below:

Hydroponic Growing Medium from Dealzer hydroponic supplies NYC

Dealzer hydroponic supplies NYC offers wide varieties of plant-enriching grow mediums, including Coco Pure, Cultilene Mapito, Humboldt Soil, Hydro Clay Pebbles, Leca Flower and Perlite. You will also find Pro Terra, Steady Grow Pro Medium, Zen Blend Soil, and Rockwool Cubes.

Generally, the best grow medium for you depends on your growing situations. To illustrate, some grow mediums are designed for use in small containers. Some are affected by how much air and water is accessible by the plant roots. Some, like Pro Terra, are very porous and designed for plants that require higher air capacity and drainage. Few, like Zen Blend, are created for outdoor gardening and are also ideal for first time growing to start.

Dealzer Hydroponic Supplies Controllers

The best superior quality hydroponics controllers’ supplies are offered by Dealzer hydroponic supplies NYC. You can select one from the range of controllers offered for your hydroponics growing project. It includes Environmental, CO2, Iponic, light relay, Bio Wave, lighting, and recycling timer controllers.

Controllers are useful to make your gardening task simpler. Hydroponics Controllers are designed to control range of factors, such as, humidity, temperature, CO2 levels, and fans. They give you an added advantage of maintaining your garden even in your absence. These automated machines always keeps a watchful eye and works continually to ensure that your plants always have just the right growing conditions.

Dealzer Hydroponic Supplies Nutrients

Hydroponics nutrients supplies help your plants to grow quickly and efficiently. Make the most out of your hydroponics system by providing your plants with correct nutrients at each stage. Combine the nutrients, add them in the system and watch your plants growing super fast unlike traditional gardening method. Dealzer hydroponic supplies NYC offers all the required nutrients for your plants.

Plant nutrients vary depending on the plant stage. Seeds require different type of nutrient for growing whereas full grown plants needs nutrients to flower. Thus, perfect balance of nutrients is as much essential as you require food to grow. Also note that nutrients available at the local nursery store won’t be useful for you. Because remember you are using hydroponic growing method whereas these nutrients are designed for soil based growing. In hydroponics you add nutrients to the water and water supplies these nutrients to plants via roots.

Dealzer Hydroponic Supplies – Hydroponics Systems

You can select from the absolute best homemade hydroponics system supplies. All indoor grow kits are professionally graded for quality and durability that will last for years to come. Few of the most adaptable hydroponic systems are 8 Plant Superponics, Grower Pro, Cloner Pro, 6 Plant Bubble Flow Buckets and many more. The variety of grow box kits are all-inclusive, fully assembled and offer ease-of-use for both experts and beginners. You get an instruction guide for quick set up and free tech support with any of the Dealzer grow kits and Dealzer hydroponic supplies NYC.

Hydroponics Irrigation

The development in hydroponics irrigation supplies has made hydroponic growing easier. Dealzer offers everything you will need to maximize the water supply of your system. Dealzer offers a comprehensive selection of hydroponics irrigation parts and systems. Its extensive irrigation stock includes drippers to dividers, valves to vinyl tubing, hole punches, air dividers, hose adapters, accessories, AquaVitay air stones, on/off valves, and more. You will find finest quality components that are responsive, utilizes minimal space, and durable.

Hydroponics Lighting

Select from the range of innovative lighting fixtures and other high-quality Dealzer hydroponic supplies NYC. Grow lighting options are electronic ballasts, grow light movers, hps/mh capacitors, magnetic ballasts, ignitors, reflectors, and more. It also offers grow lights, bulbs, lamps, and other products that help to maximize your yields. The LED lighting grow systems give you maximum lighting with minimal energy usage and cost.

Dealzer Hydroponic Supplies – Air Flow and Ventilation

The one and all best air flow and ventilation is offered by Dealzer hydroponic supplies NYC such as bug nets, carbon filters, CO2 products, deodorizers, duct mufflers, ducting products, and much more are offered by dealzer. Additionally, it also sells inline fans, motor speed controllers, ozone generators, and other ventilation products. The complete range of highest quality air and ventilation components is available at this store.

Electrical Accessories from Dealzer hydroponic supplies NYC

Find wide-ranging cords, adapters, hps/mh capacitors, ignitors, wire taps, and timers at dealzer. It offers the best electrical accessories for hydroponics. The quality of your hydroponic system depends on the quality of every component in that system, so best sourcing and more savings only at dealzer. These accessories are for your convenience. For example, the electrical timers and other devices perform automated tasks so you don’t have to spend much time looking after your plants.


I am sure with such a wide range of products from Dealzer hydroponic supplies NYC, you will get confused and have a problem of choice. Don’t worry. Selecting the right hydroponic supplies for your grow system would be not be a difficult task at Dealzer. Dealzer offers you free consultation via phone, email or chat to help you create your own system. Additionally, it also offers training materials and e-books that will be helpful for starting and learning process. It offers you quality merchandise sourced from the best manufacturers so that you can shop at your favorite hydroponics shop without worry.