Cash Crop 5.0 – 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Eating healthy and organic foods is gaining momentum whatsoever the medium be. Foods can be grown in either soil or using hydroponics. However, due to some factors like space constraints or if you are living in an apartment, you cannot enjoy outdoor gardening. So using Dealzer hydroponics systems is the best alternative. Dealzer offers you simple and sustainable indoor growing options in its hydroponics grow systems. Dealzer is an online mega store selling indoor hydroponics grow box systems to grow your fresh and organic plants indoor. other Vendors with similar products include Supercloset and the infamous  Northern Lights Grow box

With the fully automated Dealzer hydroponic grow systems you can crop out top graded organic fruits, vegetable, herbs or flowers all year round at a comfort of your own home. If you are a first time grower, don’t worry getting started with hydroponics. It is much easier than you imagine. Dealzer offers training manual and 12 month tech support system for people who are new to hydro gardening.

Dealzer hydroponics is online hydroponics store with some superponic products that covers all your growing needs. Whether you need fully automated and assembled grow system or individual pieces to custom create your own hydroponic system. Dealzer has more than 1500 products to get you started. The most preferred are the cash crop 4.0 that is discreet, 6 plants stealth hydroponic system that can produce 5 pounds of dried plant matter per year or a fully functional Grandma’s secret garden that houses 9 plants. It is a simple plug and play hydroponic system that comes with everything you need except seeds. Dealzer offers products from gorilla grow tents to high end commercial systems for commercial growers. It is the number one online option in hydroponics. The time has come to taste the sweetness and freshness of your top grade organics crops all year long.

Why to Dealzer Hydroponics System?

The below are the reasons why you should select Dealzer hydroponics, the number one online seller of hydroponics systems.

  • All Dealzer hydroponics systems come with a 3-years hassle free warranty and lifetime tech support.
  • All its grow systems are fully automated, stealth, and are tested for quality.
  • Confused? Which system to best suitable for you? Don’t worry. Avail our free consultation via phone.
  • Free tech support for all Dealzer hydroponics grow systems till its survival.
  • Dealzer’s 50 hydroponics systems are award winners.
  • Its every system is capable to cultivate all types of plants.
  • All Dealzer hydroponic systems & LED grow lights are made in the USA.
  • You will find the most reasonably priced grow boxes and grow tents in the industry.
  • All Dealzer hydroponics grow boxes and grow tents come fully assembled.
  • For any problem or help, you can avail 7 days a week speedy assistance from the efficient support staff.
  • Stealth shipping for all hydroponics systems

Hydroponics By Dealzer

Dealzer offers you with the option to select hydroponic systems that is useful for only cloning and for both cloning and vegetating.

Dealzer Hydroponics Cloning System

Cloning systems assist you in maximizing your cloning success rates. The following are the Dealzer hydroponics cloning system products:

  • 50 Plant Cloning System – Hydroponics Systems Cloner – It is capable to house 50 clones or seeds. Utilizing this product you can increase your cloning success rate. In this you can germinate, clone, and vegetate your plants up to 2 feet tall. Even you can flower and harvest with this hydroponics system.
  • Cloner Pro – 40 Plant Cloning System – This system contains easy access to the interior for simple maintenance and cleaning. The build in 16 spray heads inside the cloner pro improves grow cycle.
  • 7 Plant Hydroponics Grower & 24 Plant Cloner Combo – This combo unit includes a 7 plant hydroponics grower and a 24 plant cloner. It allows easy cleaning and maintenance without disturbing your plants.
  • Cloning Machine – Hydroponics 128 Plant Clone System – This is a Dealzer hydroponics plant clone system that can hold 128 clones all at the same time. You can even grow as many mother plants as you want or combine growing clones and mothers.

Dealzer Hydroponics Systems

Dealzer offers you with products that uses best hydroponics systems to help achieve you highest yields. They are:

Superponic System- Superponic system helps to grow your plants up to 2 to 5 times quicker, safer, and easier than any traditional hydroponic system. Superponic is a combination of proven Dealzer hydroponics systems that forms one hybrid system. Superponics technology fuses the best of hydroponics by combining a mix of:

  • Top Feed Watering
  • Deep Water Culture
  • Bubble and Aeroponics

Your plants are safe with superponic because it contains air pump and water pump, powering your plants, so if either fails, you can rest assure that your plants will still survive. Providing your plants with both top feed watering and bottom feed oxygenation, your plants will definitely thrive and grow at rates beyond your imagination. Your plants will grow 2 times faster than other single hydroponics method and up to 5 times faster than soil.

All Dealzer hydroponic systems are time tested and work extremely well. They can accommodate various types of plants and uses the finest quality components available in the market. 8 Plant Superponics and 10 Gallon Superponics Grow System – 16 Plant utilizes superponic method.

Deep Water Culture System – The Grower Pro hydroponics System utilizes Deep water culture method to house 7 plants. It contains two access doors, air pump and 2 air stones with tubing.

Bubble Flow System – The 6 Plant Bubble Flow Hydroponics System utilizes this to produce maximum yields. With high circulation, it eliminates problems with pH and TDS pockets, thus, all buckets have exactly the same readings. Moreover, nutrients are equally distributed all through the system.

Aeroponics System – The 90 Plant Vertical Farm is designed to offer you with superior growing system. It utilizes less space, minimal water, nutrients, light energy and is capable to instantly grow organically. It is a soil less hybrid system that uses a circular, vertical design for efficiently using light and space. A single light at the centre surrounds 90 plants for optimum energy savings. You spend less time after your plants and spend less money in each plant cycle so; it efficiently saves your time and money. Set the timer and it will take care of your precious plants. Grow quality and quantity fruits, veggies and flowers with aeroponics system.

As a concluding note, Dealzer hydroponics offers you the complete solution to grow your own foods. In a controlled environment and just by maintaining temperature, humidity, pH level, light, nutrients, air flow, carbon dioxide and odors, you can easily grow thick dense plants of your own.