Dura-Trel Winchester Trellis

Dura-Trel Winchester trellis is a piece of art where you can drape your vines around. This wall-mounted trellis is beautifully designed that can add charm to the wall it is mounted to. It could also be used as a small designer fence or anywhere that your fancy takes. Install this Dura-Trel Winchester trellis and enjoy the green wall, wherever you want.

Dura-Trel Winchester wall mountable trellis can accent the wall it is installed to. The white colored trellis stands out against a dark painted or wooden wall, door, or a fence. With this trellis, you don’t need any expensive all décor for the outside walls.

What is special about Dura-Trel Winchester trellis?

There is nothing ‘special’ about Dura-Trel Winchester trellis. It is simple in design and makes but the outcome makes it look elegant. The white colored trellis stands proud like a vintage gate with a few spikes poking out at the top. The spiky heads are gradient in arrangement with the tallest one at the centre and shorter ones towards the sides.

  • The pattern: The pattern of this trellis is a square lattice. This helps with the uniform arrangement of the vines if you want. The trellis has a strong frame on the sides and also at the bottom.
  • Mounting: Dura-Trel Winchester trellis is wall mountable. The necessary screws are included in the package. It is easy to mount and doesn’t take much time also.
  • Make: The make of the Dura-Trel Winchester trellis is in PVC. It is white in color with no need to paint, stain, or sand it at all. The material is durable to stand the outside weather. The PVC used here contains a high concentration of titanium dioxide that can protect the trellis against the UV rays. It does not fade; crack or form warps on it.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining this Dura-Trel Winchester trellis is easy. It can be cleaned in a jiffy. Use your garden hose and spray it clean. Not that you have to clean it every time. Watering the plants that wind around it is enough cleaning for it.
  • Dimensions: The Dura-Trel Winchester trellis measures to 57 inches wide, 2 inches thick and 96 inches in height. It weighs about 24 pounds. It can be mounted on the wall or anywhere in the garden. This makes a great additional to your garden and landscaping. The spacers are 3 inches apart. The spacers are fixed and not flexible to increase or decrease.
  • Dura-Trel Winchester trellis comes with a 20-year warranty against any delaminate suffering, crack or color loss.

Where to install Dura-Trel Winchester trellis?

Dura-Trel Winchester trellis is a wall mountable trellis. It needs a wall or something for the support. It not a free standing trellis that you can place anywhere in the garden. This trellis can be placed anywhere ONLY IF there is anything to support it to stand erect.

The product comes in pieces that you need to assemble to make it ready. It is attached with screws which can later be detached. Once assembled, it is sturdy enough even to carry the woody vines like Bougainvillea.

Buying Dura-Trel Winchester trellis

You can buy Dura-Trel Winchester trellis from the manufacturer itself, but online. It is up for sale in the online stores like Amazon and many other third party dealers. The cost of this trellis is not too much. It is really durable so the price is really a small factor.

Dura-Trel Winchester trellis customer reviews

Many customers have got this trellis for their patio wall. They used it to hide some wiring on the wall. They also had it painted to match them. The general opinion is that the assembly is fairly easy but the horizontal bars are too soft and tend to bend. Users warn the new customers to be careful while assembling.

The price was a concern for a few but with its durability and flexibility, they didn’t bother much.

There are many who have got more than 1 of these Dura-Trel Winchester trellises and are quite happy with it. They say it is sturdy enough for the thicker plants also.

Bottom Line

Bottom line is that a trellis can enhance the look of any plain, boring wall. Installing this Dura-Trel Winchester trellis would definitely add character to the wall and with the plants winding around, it makes a small patch of greenery right on the wall.