Extra light weight garden hose

Extra Light Weight Garden Hose

Extra Light Weight garden hose makes watering the plants an easy job to do. It is painful to carry water in buckets  far away in a huge garden. That’s where garden hoses come in handy. A garden hose is a flexible tube that is used to carry water from a distance with one end of it connected to the tap and the other end exudes water out. Usually they are made of plastic or rubber. Rubber tubes weigh a bit high and may not be easy to carry around. That’s why the extra lightweight garden hoses from raisedbeds.com. The lighter feel helps to evade lugging around the hose. The hose helps to reach the garden beds that are situated up to 100 feet from the tap. The hose is made of high quality polyurethane and is long lasting. It is flexible and is easy to handle. It comes in many colors of orange, taupe, violet, and Moss. Industrial spring guards are attached at the ends to get rid of kinks and the brass fittings ensure no leakage at the connections. The pipe of these extra light weight garden hose is made at ½ inch diameter to fit into the home faucet easily and efficient watering is ensured. This flexible lengthy hose is an easy way to water the raised beds that are kept away from the taps but are in more numbers. The fittings on the hose help connect another hose to each other in case you want a lengthier pipe.

Lightweight garden hose reviews

Lightweight garden hose reviews from raisedbeds. com have received mixed reviews from users all over USA. While some opine that the product goes great for the elderly making it absolute ease to carry around, few say that the price is quite on the budget fit side.

The only con side is the diameter of the sprayer which tends to be quite small and one really has to crank it down very tight so as to inhibit leakage.

Lightweight flexible garden hose – Availability

The super slim Lightweight garden hose can be found at friendly stores such as Home depot or Lowes but do NOT expect quality as they tend to be quite flimsy and do not have much of a durable life. If you are looking for best lightweight garden hose, then it is better to buy online as there are many reviews that will help you in getting to know the product more including the pros and cons.

Flexzilla garden hose is quite a hit in the market for its myriad features and the fact that it is available to you in different length (3 feet to 100 feet). The latest addition is the Flexzilla Swivelgrip garden hose with a patent pending feature giving a comfy grip to turn and tighten the hose. The swivel action inhibits twisting making it easy for both the ends of the hose to connect easily attach to the spigot.

Clear flow garden water hose is another hit product that is favored by many growers for its non-toxic polyurethane hoses and no kinky feature. Though majority of the people appreciate the product and its benefits, few claim that the product is very much rigid and it gets difficult to get even a drop of water to get much needed force.