fluorescent grow lights

Fluorescent Grow Lights

Lighting is an essential element that should be provided for the normal growth of the plants. Plants that receive ample amount of lighting are the healthiest and strongest plants. Lighting assists the plants in the process of photosynthesis. Now for plants grow outdoors there is constant supply of natural lighting but this natural lighting is not available for plants grown indoors. For cases where the natural lighting is not provided, artificial lighting should be given. In the hydroponics system, grow lights are installed in them to provide light to the plants. The lighting is also controlled and maintained by a timer.

The different types of grow lights include Fluorescent Grow Lights, High Intensity Discharge Lamps, Light Emitting Diodes, High Pressure Sodium lights, Metal halide lamps and so on. The Fluorescent Grow Lights are widely used not only for the hydroponic grow systems but also for many other professional purposes.

Fluorescent Grow Lights are best suitable for vegetative plants than flowering plants. It produces more of red or orange light than blue light. Red spectrum of lighting is suitable for the vegetation phase and the blue spectrum of lighting is suitable for the flowering phase.

Types of Fluorescent Grow Lights

There are mainly three types of Fluorescent Grow Lights. They are as follows:

1. Standard Fluorescent Grow Lights – The Standard Fluorescent Grow Lights are used in the hydroponic grow systems that are growing vegetables and herbs. The spectrum of lighting provided by the Standard Fluorescent Grow Lights are apt for the different stages of the growth of the vegetables and herbs.

2. High-output Fluorescent Grow Lights – The High-output Fluorescent Grow Lights are used for all the variety of plants and herbs. Since it produces twice the light produced by the Standard Fluorescent Grow Lights, it is suitable for all plants and produces healthy, tasty and high flavored flowers and fruits.

3. Compact Fluorescent Grow Lights – The Compact Fluorescent Grow Lights commonly known as the CFL lights are the smallest of the Fluorescent Grow Lights available. These grow lights are for propagation and also for growing larger plants.

Benefits of Fluorescent Grow Lights:

1. Color Temperatures – The Fluorescent Grow Lights are available in varied color temperatures. That is, temperatures ranging from 2700 K to 10,000 K.

2. Luminous efficacy – The Fluorescent Grow Lights has a luminous efficacy ranging from 60 lm/W to 90 lm/W.

3. Performance – The Fluorescent Grow Lights has the capacity to last up to 20,000 hours. They have higher performance rates and promote the plant growth. The Fluorescent Grow Lights provides for an optimum output.

4. Spectrum of Lighting – Plants require different spectrum of lighting during the different stages of its plant growth. The spectrum of lighting has a great influence on the health and quality of the plants. The different spectrum helps in performing the functions of the different stages of plant growth. The Fluorescent Grow Lights are available in all the spectrum of lighting. The red spectrum of lighting gives 2700 K, the blue spectrum of lighting gives 6500 K and the full spectrum of lighting gives 5000 K.

5. Light Distribution – The Fluorescent Grow Lights gives an even light distribution throughout the hydroponic grow system. You can be ensured of the lighting, the plants receive. All the plants will receive light from top to bottom. The Fluorescent Grow Lights reaches each and every corner of the grow system.

6. Light Penetration – The Fluorescent Grow Lights not only provides even light distribution but also gives a focused light penetration. This helps in increasing the yields to a great extent.

7. Light Intensity – The intensity of light produced by the Fluorescent Grow Lights is very less hence making it the best option to place near the plants. Unlike other grow lights, the Fluorescent Grow Lights do not damage the plants when kept close and provides the right amount of lighting for the normal growth of the plants. It produces only less heat and is the most suitable light for growing delicate plants.

8. Power Consumption – The Fluorescent Grow Lights depends very little on the electricity and hence you can save a huge amount of cost on your electricity bill. This thereby makes the Fluorescent ,Grow Lights an inexpensive grow light to purchase. They are not only cheap at the time of purchase but also stay cheap for a longer run.

The Fluorescent Grow Lights are available in every lighting store nearby or you can even purchase the grow lights online. Fluorescent Grow Lights are provided by all the top brands of grow lights.

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