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G8 LED Grow Lights – For Indoor Gardens

G8 LED Grow Lights

G8 LED grow lights make a new formula in the indoor grow light technology. The G8 LED grow lights provide the optimal wavelength light for the plants that they can use maximum for the growth and flowering. Optimum LED plant lights are necessary as the longer wavelength is not effective as the extra is lost and the low wavelength will not reach the plants. G8 LED grow lights with its optimal wavelength can make higher performance in plants and create efficient growing systems. A plant grows healthy only with the optimal wavelengths of light needed and G8 LED lights make exactly the same. G8LED technology makes these following grow lights for the indoor gardens.

G8 LED grow lights are capable of working well in both 110 and 240V current. With an efficient heat sink and cooling fans these grow lights emit very less heat energy and keep the indoor gardens cooler than other lighting systems. With the 8 band color spectrum, G8 LED lights are sure to be the most sought after grow lights. It uses no ballast and consumes lesser power to save more money. The cooling ducts also may be avoided with G8 LED lights saving more space for supervision and maintenance as well.

  • G8 900 Veg/Flower is the highest watt grow light from G8. It can cover an area of 24 sq ft and works in. This light is equivalent to the high watt- 1400W HID light system. It is a professional grow light and used in bigger grow areas. Suitable for both vegetative and flowering stages, this G8 grow light runs for 50,000 hours and a color temperature more than 6000K.
  • G8 600 Veg/Flower: This dual stage LED grow light has coverage of 18 sq ft to be equivalent to 1000W high intensity grow lights.
  • G8 450 Veg/Flower can compete with a 800 watt HID light in terms of intensity. It can be used for both vegetative growth and flowering but may need flower boosters during flowering.
    G8 240 Veg/Flower is the smallest G8 that can be used a single light system all through the life cycle. It can emit the light intensity as of a 400 W light. Can produce excellent vegetative growth results.
  • G8 450 Bloom Only is used during the flowering stage. With coverage area of 12 sq ft this grow light is used in a separate area and the plants that have completed their vegetative growth are transferred for blooming.
  • G8 240 Bloom Only is used is small flowering stations and the transferred plants show excellent blooming. It is used in an area up to 6 sq ft. always use LED lights for the vegetative stage as well as the plants can better adapt to the changes made.
  • 90RR Flower Booster is a flower boosting light that emits the red spectra. It can be used along any lighting system. The number of flower boosters may vary with the lightings used. The G8 LED grow lights G8 450 and 240 need one 90RR flower boosters and the G8 900 and 600 needs two of them.

The 8 Band Spectrum from G8 LED Grow lights

The 8 band spectrum includes the IR and the UV light. The plants will need all these wavelengths. The energy provided by these lights ensures that the plants make good progress in both vegetative and flowering stages equally.

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