Viva Self-Watering Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets/pots are a very convenient and easy way to save space for the flower pots. The self watering hanging baskets/pots with reservoir are such a blessing. Hanging storage baskets are a decoration to balconies, patios, and windows. The beautiful and colorful foliage and the blooming flowers is a natural décor to any place. The attraction is more when these plants are planted in the colorful hanging baskets. Many plant lovers are worried when they go for vacation or on weekends. When there is no one to water the plants, the self watering systems are more useful. The self watering hanging baskets for flowers and what not are more advantageous in saving time that is spend on watering the plants.

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[restab title=”About” active=”active”]The hanging baskets/pots are available in different shapes and colors and types. They can be self watering and non self watering. The larger baskets can hold more number of plants or herbs for aesthetic look. When water is added to the soil, around 2 quarts of water is stored in the reservoir. The roots can access the water in the reservoir. Plants are easy to transfer to this self watering basket from any other pots. There are many garden hanging baskets suppliers available online such as, or amazon who will give you exemplary hanging baskets at wholesale price.

  • The Jumbo self watering baskets may be used as a table top pot when the hangers are removed.
  • The Cascading hanging planters is a beautiful and eye catching way of planting flowering plants and herbs. The planters are hanging one above the other and the bloomed flowers make beautiful cascading effect. It is also a huge space saver and more plants are grown vertically.
  • The adjustable plant hanger can hang any flower pot and the adjustable planter can fit in the pot easily and conveniently. Then the whole thing is hung on hook wherever preferable. But the bottom diameter of the pot should be more than 3”.
  • The Sky planter is an innovative design for hanging baskets. It looks like an upside down pot and the water reservoir is filled from the top. The whole thing is 5 ¼” in height and 3” deep. This hanging basket is made especially for indoor use and care must be taken when placing it outside.
  • Self watering hanging baskets are both space saving and time saving. The system can water itself at regular intervals as long as there is enough water in the reservoir.
  • The colored hanging baskets are an added attraction. These baskets do not let the plants to go dry due to lack of water. They are capable of keeping the flowers bright and lush. Filling water into the reservoir is easy and there is no hassle in getting a ladder to finish the chore. The self watering hanging baskets are made of polypropylene that is durable and does not crack easily or chip or break.

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Hanging baskets/Pots – What plant types to use and when to plant them

There are different types of plants to be planted according to the season. There are summer baskets where different types of plants that grow well in warm climatic conditions are grown. Winter baskets use plants which grow in cold and frosty climatic conditions. There are also perennial plants which grow throughout the year.

Summer plants are best planting during the months of April or May provided there is no frost. Winter plants are best planted during the months of September or October. Perennial plants are best planted in April.

Most of the hanging baskets will need to be lined. Ready made cardboard liners or fibrous materials are available for this purpose. For DIY enthusiasts who want to save money. Moss that is available in the lawn can be used to line the bottom of the basket. About 1.5cm of the material can be used. The basket is then half filled with compost. The composts are also of various types. There are some varieties which last for only one year. Other varieties of compost are also available which may last longer and is also ideal for growing winter plants. Water-retaining granules help retain water and reduce the need for regular watering.

Choosing the right types of plants in the same hanging baskets/pots also help the baskets look more beautiful. A central plant can be chosen and trailing plants are used to cover the sides of the baskets, especially wire baskets. Colors that compliment each other are used in the same basket. Then a little more compost is added to firmly place the plants in these hanging baskets and then watered. The hanging baskets/pots have to be checked more regularly in summer than in winter. The compost has to remain moist. Liquid fertilizers too can be used. Care should also be taken to control pests and common plant diseases.

Reservoirs in Hanging baskets/pots

All self-watering hanging baskets/pots have a reservoir. These reservoirs have to be filled with water from time to time to keep the reservoir full. These reservoirs are usually built at eh bottom of the hanging baskets/pots to hold the supply of water.

The self-watering baskets/pots take water fro the reservoir in different ways. Some have a wick which passes from the soil to the water reservoirs. Some others have a column of soil which runs into the water reservoir to take water when needed.

These self-watering baskets with reservoirs cost a little more than those without one, but it comes with a few advantages. Self-watering baskets reduce the frequency of watering and they can be kept at positions where it is difficult to reach and water often. It is useful for people who are busy and are unable to constantly take care of plants. The few disadvantages of using these self-watering hanging baskets is that there are limited varieties of these baskets available. The other disadvantage is that if the reservoirs are not cleaned often and kept protected in winter, it may get damaged.[/restab]
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Garden supplies hanging baskets FAQ

1. Are there any wholesale automatic hanging baskets available online?

Yes, in fact there is a website called that provides you with self-watering garden supplies hanging baskets. The site also provides FREE SHIPPING anywhere in USA and all the products are available at a discounted price.

2. Will my plants in hanging baskets survive during winter season?

Many of the plants available are flowering annuals (summer flowering). It means that they last only a season. While they produce beautiful flowers during summertime, they stay alive only one season unless you protect them during winter time. Few plants such as geraniums can be taken indoors and protected from the cold freezing season.

3. Can I replant my garden supplies hanging baskets or should I get a new one?

Of course, you can always replant the hanging baskets but always make sure to change the soil and hangers with a new one. This is because the plants from previous year might have utilized all the good nutrients from the soil and chances are your new plants won’t grow well as expected in the old soil.

4. Which fertilizer do you recommend for my hanging basket?

From fish fertilizer to compost or even the brand you are currently using, any balanced fertilizer will works its charm on your flowers.

5. How often should I water and fertilizer my planters?

It is best advised to fertilize once in a week. Make sure to use a balanced fertilizer (such as Humboldt Nutrients) which promotes healthy growth in plants. Regarding watering, it is mandatory to water your plants daily during summer time. At other times, water your plant if you feel the soil surface is dry to touch. Ensure that the soil is moist by watering till it oozes out of the basket. Don’t over do your job by watering too much or too little.

6. How can I make my hanging basket look good at all time?

For starters, keep the soil moist and water your plants regularly. Here is a healthy trick. Try to lift the plant gently during morning. If it feels light and can be picked up easily, then water them till it oozes out of the bottom. If the basket feels heavy or solid, then water lightly and if it feels very heavy, then DO NOT WATER IT. Too much water can ruin the roots. You can check the hanging basket by evening and water it if its quite light.

Jumbo Self-Watering Hanging Basket

Jumbo Self-Watering Hanging Basket

7. What is a moss basket?

Moss baskets are nothing but the hanging baskets itself where you can grow the plants. The basket is built by starting a wire basket that is lined up with moss and later on filled with soil. The intended plant is then planted in the soil. A quality moss basket must be side planted as well as on top. There must be at least 9-12 plants on the sites and on top respectively and once the plants are grown you will no longer see the moss.

8. What plants can I try in my garden supplies hanging baskets?

Lantana, Petunia, Lobelia, Verbena, Impatiens, Angelonia are some of the plants that you can choose for your garden supplies hanging baskets.

9. How should I choose my hanging baskets?

Go for big containers as they have a good advantage of accommodating big lush plants not to mention good amount of soil. They will also maintain good moisture so that you dont have to water often. Do not compromise on quality and buy cheap wired baskets that tend to wear off easily.

10. What are the things to be kept in mind while using hanging baskets?

There are four things to be kept in mind while growing in hanging baskets (1) quality, (2) watering, (3) quarantine and (4) deadhead. Quality of soil and potting mix is utmost important so make sure you buy light weight potting mix that includes water holding crystals too. Watering is important so make sure your soil is moist (not dripping wet) but moist enough. Quarantine the things you did wrong such as over watering which leads to yellowing of leaves or wilting leaves. You can check if the roots have gone rot or damaged. If they have shrunk, soak them for a hour to rewet them which will nurse the plant back to health. Last point (deadhead) says to remove dead flowers regularly as they can inhibit bud growth. Trimming is also vital so remove all the seedy growth to have a healthy ornamental hanging basket.[/restab][/restabs]