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For vegetable growers who want to grow wine crops, here are some great garden ideas. The use of trellis or bamboo canes are some of the tools which is beneficial for both the growers as well as the plants.

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Though this is one of the oldest techniques, it’s beginning to trend very well now with those who have a love for gardening. The benefit of trellising is to help your fruits and vegetables with easy harvest especially tomatoes and prevents it from rotting.

Many gardeners with small crops have trouble with vine crops such as melons, cucumbers as they require good space but it can be surpassed with the use of trellises. Just two vertical supports that are pounded deeply into the ground help your creepers with good support and maintain strength so as to not fall during strong wind.

You can buy trellis or canes from a retail store but the problem with them is they don’t last long. Just make sure to choose a size of 18 inches wide at the top with a wire gauge that is enough to last more than one season.

With a proper trellis you can grow anything from melons to cucumbers. The problem with melons is they tend to slip from the vine and fall before proper ripping. You can prevent this by creating slings with strips of cloth that support the ripening fruit from falling. Just keep in mind to decide the length as per the size of the fruit. Now simply tie each end of the cloth to the wire loosely to form a shape of sling and place the fruit in the sling.

The benefits of trellis are not just limited to tomatoes or melons. You can even beans or peas that often reach more than 6 feet if correctly trellised. Certain varieties of pea are short while others deliver long vines that need correct support. All you need is a lightweight netted trellis that gives enough support. You can even attach some writes between the two stakes in top and the bottom and then twine them in upper and lower wire in a zig zag method to make sure that the vines reach the vertical cord.

It seems quite an effort creating a proper trellis for the fruits and vegetables but trust me when the work is done, you will realize the effort you have put in when the plants bear rich and juicy vegetables and fruits.

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