There is great deal of work when you step into the garden but no other work gives you a fuller satisfaction as this hobby does. Most of the people and I personally agree with this because after getting back home from my tiring job it gives me a sense of fullness and closeness with the nature. To sip a cup of coffee and walk around the produce which I have carefully planted makes me feel like am a part of the nature. Gardening is not just a hobby but a way to bond with nature and to contribute a small measure of happiness to this little green world. Don’t you think there is no other better sense of achieving liveliness in life as digging in your gardens along with the natural flora and fauna?

Here in this article I intend to bring in certain tricks and hacks which you can implement in your garden and have a happy gardening experience. Let’s crack some simple tricks.

1) Hire a bottle baby sitter – make little openings in the tops of the cola bottles accessible in your storeroom and fill them with water. Later embed the container upside down in the wake of tightening the top, simply a couple of inches profound inside the dirt. This will permit the water to trickle gradually and hold the dampness substance of the dirt. This strategy proves to be useful for indoor and outdoor plants particularly on those days while you are away on a vacation.



2) Use a paper strip – fill a container with water and spot it on a stool well over the plants which you mean to water. Now simply make a slim wire of paper towel and inundate one end inside the container with the goal that it can absorb water. After placing it deep inside the container take the other end of the paper towel strip and place it inside the flower pots. This will allow the water to drip slowly into the pot and thereby helping the plants to grow well.

3) Make use of gravels and pebbles – after watering the plants during hot summers the water may get evaporated soon leaving the soil dry for the plants. To avoid this you can add small gravels and pebbles besides the plants in a round fashion which will help water clogging and retains the moisture content intact. This can prevent excess soil drying and keep your plants lively.

4) Attract birds to keep away pests – inviting birds to keep away pests is an eco-friendly method, were you can skip off using unwanted chemical sprays and toxins which can harm everybody around. Fill small colorful pots with water and place it in elevated areas inside the garden so that it will invite birds who are thirsty. Another way is to make use of old chandeliers or hanging baskets as bird feeders. Either ways you will be inviting friends who will make your garden a heavenly place free of pests.

5) Prevent rusting using builder’s sand – handling and maintaining gardening tools is a great trouble as there is always a constant trouble of rusting as they play with water and soil a lot. Well this problem can be easily solved using builders sand, all you have to do is insert them inside a pot of builder’s sand after use. This will prevent rusting without much effort.

6) Use citrus fruit rinds – spread it across the garden along with mulch and this will help to ward off pests and other animals like dogs and cats.

7) Cinnamon as fungicide – whether you plant a new seedling or want to grow plants without any fungus infections then just make use of powdered cinnamon. Sprinkle it well among the garden thoroughly and this will help to prevent any fungi trying to harm your plants.

8) Leftover coffee grounds for better soil – soil amendment’s is a must while having a garden and what else can help you more than coffee grounds. These coffee grounds when added along with mulch will help to release essential minerals like phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and copper. They also enrich the soil with nitrogen which is very essential for plants. Coffee grounds are used by many to repel critters.

9) Grow expensive herbs at home – when you buy herbs from grocery store, take small cuttings out of them and keep them inserted in water until roots shows up. Make use of these saplings to grow fully fledged plants. Not only herbs you can do the same with onions, potatoes and pineapple.

10) Use beer to get rid of slugs – just take a small container and place it at least one inch deep so that the slugs have to crawl down to drink the beer. Now after placing it properly, pour some beer into it and your job is done. Those slugs which pester you will drown to death while having a happy drink.

11) Treating weeds – boil water and just pour it over the weeds to get rid of them. This is an easy method to get rid of them without pulling out each and every one. But make sure you don’t pour it over your veggies and flowering plants not even by mistake.

12) Use kitchen wastes to prepare soil for the next season – before you start sowing seeds prepare the soil for the upcoming plants by adding in natural composts like kitchen wastes and cutaway plants. Spread news papers and then add these natural wastes along with mulch and let it set for few weeks. Your garden bed is ready for a fresh and a healthy produce.

13) Make use of left over sponges in your pots to retain moisture – doing this will help retain water and moisture content as well reduce washing away of soil from the pots. During dry summer months this will help the plants to catch up and grow well.

14) Citrus peel for seedling – Why spend unnecessary bucks on expensive pots when you can use something in the home itself. That’s right. Simply make a hole at the bottom of peel for drainage, fill with soil and add two seeds with water. Within two weeks the germinating plant is ready for transfer in garden and you can use the peels as a compost too.

15) Broken pots to plant tags – Just make sure that the edges of broken pots aren’t poky and can take an eye out. Now give them a second chance by using them as plant tags. Infuse your ideas and write each name of the plant clearly and stick the pieces in soil.

16) Coffee filter for effective soil – Place the coffee filter in the pot and watch the benefits. It keeps the drainage absolutely free from clogging (i.e. if soil moves along with water). Another benefit of coffee filter is they are absolutely absorbent which means even if you miss watering your plants here or there, its okay as the soil will still be moist enough for the plants to root good.

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Gardening can be made interesting and great hobby by making small changes to the way you do it. There are many simple methods and tricks adopted by many which are inexpensive as well as time saving than the conventional methods. All you need to do is find out various simple tricks and have great time digging in the garden.