GreenBroz 215 Dry Standard Trimmer with Tray/Table Top Stand

GreenBroz 215 Dry Standard Trimmer with Tray/Table Top Stand is actually the world’s most delicate plant trimmer that saves lot of time, energy and effort.

Greenbroz 215 dry standard trimmer is the world’s most delicate plant trimmer ever made. Greenbroz is a company that is revolutionizing the marijuana industry with its amazing set of products. They are under constant innovation and keeping a track of latest technologies that they could use in their product lines. Their dry trimmer 215 is one of the delicate trimmers that you would want to buy and trust me it keeps the potency and purity of the buds intact.

Want to know more about this Greenbroz dry standard trimmer with tray and you can buy an optional tall stand separately if you find the product useful for your needs.

215 dry standard trimmer with tray

Plant trimming needs proper attention, time, and effort. Moreover, it is very important to keep the potency levels and the purity of the plants intact, especially with marijuana flowers. 215 dry trimmer follows a dry process to a create a product that has its full potency levels and longevity. There is no other product better than 215 dry standard trimmer, in the markets.

This product follows a dry process and manicuring has become a lot easier than before. In the past, this was a tedious task, which not only consumes time but also cleans your pockets. With the standard dry trimmer manicuring, is a cakewalk that costs less time and money. It saves hours of your valuable time and at the same time keep the structure and oil glands of the flowers intact. You can trim lavender flowers, marijuana flowers, and others without harming their natural structures.

GreenBroz trimmer – cost effective solution and the best trimming machine

GreenBroz has the world’s first and most delicate dry trimmer that works with a gentle cycling action. It runs without much noise and does not cause any sound pollution, unlike other machines. It has a sleek design and maintenance of this machine is nothing that one has to bother. It cleans up quickly and runs efficiently. There is no doubt that this machine is a cost effective solution that reduces man-hours and money to a large extent. In addition, the output quality is unmatched every single time you run the machine. If you are on the lookout for a low-cost alternative then try this dry trimmer. It reduces labor costs and saves a lot of time along with keeping the quality intact.

GreenBroz Dry 215 standard Trimmer Features

  • Comes with a 30-minute timer that you can adjust
  • Product weight 35 pounds
  • Blades rotate gently at a rate of 20 revolutions per minute and cuts clean the flowers
  • Gives a maximum of 16 pounds every eight hours
  • Processes 2 pounds every hour of dry flower material
  • HDPE housing ( same material that you can find as cutting boards), prevents microbial growth
  • Powerful blades carved out of stainless steel
  • Conveyor motor that consumes 25 watts of power
  • Master on/off button at the front
  • Comes with a forward and reverse switch
  • Maintenance takes less than 10 minutes, use hemp oil or isopropyl to clean the system
  • Less lubrication required
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Parts of the dry trimmer

  • Cutting chamber access lid – this allows you to keep the materials intact inside the chamber
  • Trim chamber – this is where the whole processing occurs
  • Trim blades – stationary lower blade and the rotating upper blade
  • Brush assembly – helps with gentle rolling of the material inside the trim chamber
  • Hub assembly – hold the upper trimming blade in its place
  • Sweeper bar – helps to move the materials in the trim chamber
  • Blade tension screw – helps to hold the sweeper bar and hub in place
  • Table top tray – catches the trimmed output (available only with the 215 model)
  • Timer – automatic shutoff timer when the time is up
  • Power outlet switch – controls power of the entire unit
  • Forward/ reverse switch – helps to reverse the blade when needed
  • Exit door/ramp – the exit area where the processed material comes out
  • Safety shutoff switch – it shuts down the machine when the top lid is open

Two different models –standard dry trimmer

The dry trimmers have HPDE housing that prevents any microbial growth and the blades are pure stainless steel make. The overall design is simple and this machine uses a gentle cycling action to trim the flowers. This manicure product has no major competitors and is one of the finest masterpieces for trimming needs. It performs well and gives results that match with those of hand trimming. The potency and purity remain same even after coming out of this machine. You can choose two models according to your needs. If you need a small product for your standard needs then you can buy the 2-4 lbs /hr model. If you are looking for a commercial scale machine then you can opt for the 8-12 lbs/hr system for your trimming needs.

Tips for processing and preparing the product

The GreenBroz Dry Trimmers are great for trimming dry material and so you need to know a few hacks that can help you in the process. When you use this machine, make sure not to use wet materials, as it will leave residues on the blades, cutting chamber and other parts. This will affect the output quality so always use dry stuff for manicuring.

Proper drying of the flowers is the key to high-quality output. If you want a full potential output then allow the materials to try for 5 to 10 days at least. Allow the materials to dry in such a way that the buds remain spongy and the stems snap away quickly. This will make the manicuring process easy with quick results. Proper drying and careful manicuring will help to remove unwanted parts like leaves and stems. Your trichomes will stay intact with their purity and potential unharmed. Such trichomes can be stored for longer months without losing their flavor and taste.

If you are not sure, whether the drying process is complete then you can do the following:

Run down your fingers from top to bottom of the bud. If the leaves breaks off from the bud then you are ready to hit the manicuring machine, else let them dry for some more time. You can also use the moisture meter apparatus to calculate the readings of the flower and leaves. If the leaves give you a reading of 5% to 6 % then you can start the trimming process. The moisture levels of the buds will be more than the leaves.

Customer reviews

Manual trimming actually incurred a lot of costs and labor. With the advent of this machine, manicuring has become an easy task. Hand trimming had one advantage according to customers and that is the output quality remains high. Most of the customers always relied on manual work rather than on machines. However, after this GreenBroz trimmer had made its way, customers say that the output quality is even better. They say that costs have reduced considerably and they are able to get maximum yield in a shorter time. A few customers opine that the commercial machines are a lifesaver as it helps them save money as well as time. Even though the machine is costly, 215 dry trimmer is a perfect investment material that gives a return on investment steadily. You will not regret buying this machine as it cuts down the costs largely.


If you want to buy a dry trimmer that helps you to save money and time then look no further. This machine not only saves money but also gives high-quality output just like the manual way. The flowers remain unharmed with full potential and purity for longer months to come. This product is worth recommending and one of the best picks.