Raised Beds

Greenes Fence Raised Beds

Greenes Fence Raised Beds

Planning to go for a raised bed gardening? Then read this article on Greenes fence raised beds. This raised bed gardening is a great choice for individuals without a yard or for those with contaminated soil. Further read on to know more about Greenes fence raised beds, their features, reviews and so on…

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  • About the manufacturer
  • Greenes fence raised beds
  • Greenes 48 in. X 48 in. X 10.5 in. Cedar Garden with CritterGuard Fence System
  • Three Tier Garden Bed
  • Low cost 4 x 4 Double-Deep Cedar Bed
  • Economy 4 x 4 Cedar Raised Bed (7-14”h)
  • Dovetail Modular Raised Bed – 80 Sq.ft
  • Where to buy the Greenes fence raised beds?
  • Greenes fence raised beds – Discount, coupon and promo offers
  • Greenes fence raised beds – Frequently asked questions
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About The Manufacturer

Raised bed is an online store that offers the biggest collection of raised garden bed and accessories. These garden beds make your gardening more accessible and manageable. Similarly, giving your plants the best choice to thrive.

Greenes Fence Raised Beds

Greenes 48 in. X 48 in. X 10.5 in. Cedar Garden with CritterGuard Fence System

You can grow your favorite plants, herbs, and vegetables with this 4 Ft.W x 4 Ft. L x 10.5 in. H cedar raised the garden bed. It is manufactured in the USA from chemical free naturally rot resistant North American Cedar. Similarly, there are no tools required for its assembly. All you have to simply slide the boards into the joints to form the frame. Then attach the caps and add the soil, plants, and sunshine for growing the garden of your dreams.

Greenes 48 in. X 48 in. X 10.5 in. Cedar Garden with CritterGuard Fence System – Features

  • It is made in the USA.
  • Designed out of naturally rot-resistant cedar.
  • Purely chemical free.
  • Tool-free dovetail frame assembly.
  • Contains 4- pack of 4′ L CritterGuard Fence.
  • Gives an ultimate protection against rabbits and other critters.
  • It can be used in any garden, garden bed, and yard.

Greenes 48 in. X 48 in. X 10.5 in. Cedar Garden With Critterguard Fence System Customer Reviews

Overall, the product has received 5.0 out of 5 stars from the user.

“This CritterGuard Pest fencing worked great. They were capable of saving my herb seedlings from the rabbits.”

Three Tier Garden Bed

This three-tier setup is made from rot-resistant cedar. The top two tiers (namely 21 inches and 14 inches) provides a perfect depth for growing deep-rooted plants and vegetables. The bottom tier is made of 7 inches that are appropriate for growing most of the vegetables and other plants. It is designed in the USA from 100% chemical free naturally rot and insect resistant North American cedar. This three tier is a perfect option for organic gardens. Since it uses only 1 cubic yard of soil.

Three Tier Garden Bed – Features

  • It is 4′ Wide x 4′ Long x 21” High
  • The dovetail design involves quick and easy assembly. Just simply slide the boards into place and add soil for a secure frame.
  • The kit assembly is as follows: First slide together the first tier and then add the soil. Then slide together the second one and place it on the first and add the soil. In the third step, slide together the top frame. After this, place it in the second and then add the soil.

Three Tier Garden Bed customer reviews

It has received 3.9 stars out of 5 stars. Most of the customers like this product and they are saying that it is easy to build. Here are some honest reviews for your reference. Let’s have a look at them.

“This is a quality product and I would like to purchase it again.”

“According to me, it is much prettier than the plastic buckets. From the past few years. I was using the plastic shipping containers. But the appearance of the garden was not fine. Later, my friend recommended purchasing this raised garden. I bought it from the online store and now it’s unbelievable that my garden looked so ausum.”

“I love this three tier bed system. Since it’s very easy to assemble and also great for the small backyard space. Will order more.’

Low cost 4 x 4 Double-Deep Cedar Bed

This garden bed is a perfect raised bed for gardeners who think big. Slide the boards into the dovetail joints to form your frame. Then attach the caps. Along with this, you may add the soil and the plants. Just stain the wood for extra visual interest.

Low cost 4 x 4 Double-Deep Cedar Bed – Features

  • The kit assembles in minutes.
  • This bed is an easy and fun way to grow the healthy plants.
  • Boards slither by hand into dovetail joints.
  • Heaps with other Greenes raised garden bed kits with dovetail joint construction.
  • It is 4′ Wide x 4′ Long x 10.5” High.
  • Equally, the 15 cubic feet of soil fills the bed.

Low cost 4 x 4 Double-Deep Cedar Bed customer reviews

  • “This low cost cedar bed looks good in the garden.”
  • “I would like to give 5 stars. Since it’s worth the money.”

Economy 4 x 4 Cedar Raised Bed (7-14”h)

One of the best choice in the world of raised bed gardening. This Economy 4 x 4 cedar raised bed is an easy no tool assembly. It is created in the US using the solid white cedar. In fact, it is the perfect choice for the gardener who wants to dip their toe into the raised bed gardening (without making any tough commitments).

Economy 4 x 4 Cedar Raised Bed (7-14”h) – Features

  • Dimensions – 4′ x 4′ x 7” H, 10.5” H or 14”H
  • Designed from strong white cedar.
  • Manufactured in the US.
  • No tool is required for assembly, dovetail joints slide into the place.
  • Above all, the modular design allows you to build out your garden over time.

Economy 4 x 4 Cedar Raised Bed (7-14”h) customer reviews

  • The Cedar bed has received 5 out of 5 stars from its users.
  • Inexpensive Cedar beds. They are worth the money
  • “I recently happen to purchase this 4′ x 4′ cedar bed and planted them now. I do like them as it looks nice.”
  • Great choice for my granddaughters present
  • “My 10-year-old granddaughter loves gardening. So I gifted this to her as a Christmas present. Now, she can’t wait to start growing her own food.”
  • So simple and efficient beds
  • “It is very easy to setup and they look great.”

Dovetail Modular Raised Bed – 80 Sq.ft

This Dovetail Modular Bed is a must have for gardeners who are in need of fragrant herbs, fresh vegetables, and colorful flowers. Its 80 sq.ft of gardening space is divided into five attached square frames. The entire kit is easy to assemble within 10 minutes, with boards and corners that slide together to form a stable connection.

Dovetail Modular Raised Bed – 80 Sq.ft – Features

  • It is made in the USA from sustainably harvested cedar.
  • No tool assembly.
  • Naturally insect and rot resistant.
  • The bed offers two depths 10.5 inches and 14 inches to accommodate all sizes of plants.
  • It turns a 12-foot-by-12-foot area into 80 sq.ft of gardens.

Dovetail Modular Raised Bed customer reviews

  • There are positive user reviews for this product from the regular customers.
  • “Helped in making 5 beds in 30 minutes and it looks and feels great.”
  • “It is versatile and good enough for an extra bed if needed.”

Where to buy the Greenes fence raised beds?

These raised beds are available for sale at the online stores like raisedbeds.com and at amazon. You can buy them at an affordable price. Further, you may visit the product’s website for more information.

Greenes Fence Raised Beds – Discount, Coupon & Promo Offers

Raised bed offers include 10% off on any order, $20 off on orders over $100, Up to 40% off on the sale items, 5% off on orders over $75 along with free shipping. Besides, one may also log in with their email address for all the latest deals and offers. So, don’t miss this chance! Get them at the earliest…

Greenes Fence Raised Beds – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a need to paint these Greenes fence raised beds?

Yes, you may paint these Greenes fence raised beds.

Can you give some information on the best organic soil amendments for a raised bed?

The best organic soil amendments include compost, worm castings, greensand, and kelp meal.

What are the advantages of gardening in the raised beds, in comparison to the traditional row gardens?

These raised beds help you to save money. Through this, you can grow twice as much produce in the same space and can focus on the resources. Similarly, you can protect the growing areas from children, pets, and the garden pets.

What is the contact number of raisedbeds.com?

The contact number is 1-888-838-1092

What is their email address?

The email address is info-rb@raisedbeds.com. You may clarify all your doubts and queries at this particular mail address

When will my order arrive?

Your order will process within 1-2 business days and it will arrive within 4-10 business days via FedEx Ground or through UPS mode.


Greenes fence provides an affordable cedar beds and a line of premium cedar beds. They are made in US using chemical free cedar. Moreover, they can offer lots of benefits to the home gardener. So buy them at the earliest and bring a new look to your garden.

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