Diamond Bar Gro Systems are a product line for self-watering pots. These offer you with a complete and balanced solution for growing plants in a container. They provide varied types of plants with ideal growth environment. These self-watering gro systems pots are durable. It comes ready to use i.e. filled with commercial grade potting mix and also includes a quart of balanced fertilizer. These are similar to the hydroponics system of growing.

Gro Systems are also called three-part system as it includes, potting mix, fertilizer, and self-watering pot. The idea of self watering pots was developed to offset mainly two problems – (1) High pH levels in both primary and secondary water, and (2) hot or dry weather conditions. These Better Quality and Less Maintenance Gro Systems enable plants to thrive with less effort.

How Diamond Bar Gro Systems Containers Work Indoors?

These pots are uniquely designed which holds water in the reservoir made below the main bulk of potting mix. The plant is watered from the bottom, mimicking the natural effect of water coming of the ground. A fill tube is placed on the top of the pots by which you can fill the reservoir with water. To prevent potting mix from washing out, the excess water drains out from the provided drain spout. A Wick i.e. a plastic tube with highly absorbent potting mix soaks the reservoir water and fertilizer to make it available to the plant roots. These self-watering pots are much helpful in hot and dry areas which help to keep potted plants moist for long.

How Gro Systems Indoors Is the Solution for pH Problem

The perfectly leveled water pH is appropriate for healthy plant growth. The improper pH level affects the plant growth. Their plant roots no longer absorb nutrients and deprives of needed nutrients to grow and thrive. Neutral pH levels are best for plant to thrive. The Gro-System solves the pH problem in two ways: One by offering Balanced Fertilizer, and two via Reservoir that contains highly absorbent Wick.

In urban areas, the pH levels are generally high. To tackle this high pH levels the fertilizer is formulated with a combination of iron and Manganese intended to keep the pH in balance. Secondly, the wicking system works at its best due to high-grade potting mix that helps lower the pH and it also holds fertilizer for the plant instead of flushing them. This improves nutrient uptake process.

Content of Potting Mix in Diamond Bar Gro Systems

Plants thrive with a growing medium that is moderately light, is able to hold moisture, and drains well. Actually, plants do not depend on potting mix for nutrients, but mix is for supporting the plant rooting system. In gro systems the potting mix contains a blend of the premier quality Coir, Canadian Sphagnum, peat moss, and Perlite. It comes along with starter nutrient to provide your plants a jump start. It holds moisture best and is durable to use for several years with replacement.

Diamond Bar Gro Systems Offers The Best Self Watering Pots. The Products Offered Are:

  • The 16” Round Gro System Pot with a reservoir that holds 2-gallon of water. It comes filled with professional Sunshine SC1 Potting Mix (by Sun Gro Horticulture) that can be reused for at least 3 years.
  • The 4′ Oval Gro System Pot has a 7-gallon reservoir. It comes filled with professional Sun Gro SC1 potting mix, which can be reused for minimum 3 years.

Both these pots include a set of instructions, a wooden dipstick, a quart of Gro System Blue Fertilizer, and a small measuring cup.