Gro1 20 Gallon Extraction Bag Kit (set of 5)

Gro1 20 gallon extraction bag kit (set of 5) is a convenient accessory for the cold extraction of the plants. The cold water extraction is designed for home use extraction method to get the essence from the plants. Harvesting is not always the end of gardening. The harvested plants or plant parts like the leaves and flowers are subjected to the cold extraction to get their essence. For this purpose products are Gro1 20 gallon extraction bag kit (set of 5) are handy that allows deep sieving in a single time.

Easy to use: The extraction bags in the Gro1 20 gallon extraction bag kit are easy to use. They fit into a medium sized bucket or trash can easily. The bags can be used individually or as a set. Using it as a set makes a more quality extraction than doing it with a single extraction bag.

Reusable: The bags in the Gro1 20 gallon extraction bag kit (set of 5) are reusable, which means they can be cleaned after each use and allowed to dry, so that they can be stored and used for another round of extraction of the same plant material or another one.

Durable: The material of the Gro1 20 gallon extraction bag is of good quality nylon and each bag is made of different micron reading. The Gro1 20 gallon extraction bag kit -set of 5 includes a micron screen at the bottom of each bag that are of 220 micron, 160 micron, 120 micron, 73 micron and a 25 micron screen. It is here in this screen that the trichomes of the leaves or flowers get deposited which may be taken out, dried and stored to use as plant essence of that particular plant.

Economical: The Gro1 20 gallon extraction bag kit (set of 5) is an economical method of plant extraction. Some plants will develop essential oils from their trichomes. By the cold extraction method and thanks to the capable extraction bags, the extract is collected as an end result and in addition, the glandular trichomes, if present, is also gets deposited. Both these products of the extraction may be stored and subjected to further use.

The capacity of a single bag from the Gro1 20 gallon extraction bag is 2 pounds of dry weight of the plants at a time. Use as much cold water as needed.

How to use the Gro1 20 gallon extraction bag kit (set of 5)

Take a 20 gallon capacity bucket and place the extraction bags in it like the trash liner. The placement of the bags is according to the micron screen size. Place the extraction bag with the least micron first and then follow it by the next sized and ending with the extraction bag that has 220 micron screen at the top. During extraction the extract will pass from the bigger one through the descending sized screens to end up coming out of the smallest screen.

Use dry ice first in the bag and then followed by the dry plant material and cold water respectively. Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon. A blender may be used for essential oil extraction but not recommended for trichome collection as it may result in more amounts of leaf parts in the final extract. While removing the extraction bags do it one by one. Use only cold water to wash off the residues and use a spatula to take out the dried trichomes from the screens. Repeat the process for each extraction bag. After use, thoroughly wash it with cold water and use alcohol to clean it further. Dry it completely before storing, to avoid any mold formation.