Gro1 – 4 Gallon (16L) Backpack Sprayer

Backpack sprayer is an extremely versatile and inexpensive tool used to apply pesticides on small areas of land. The pesticide is mostly applied on home gardens, yards, or any other small plantation to protect it from weeds, pests, and diseases. For effective pest control, the application of correct amount of pesticides is very important. This accuracy can only be achieved if the Backpack sprayer is calibrated accurately.

Unfortunately, many users are unaware about the calibration process of backpack sprayer and using the available accessories. The result of it are dead crops, waste of time and money and poor ineffective pest control.

Using Gro1 Backpack Sprayer

All pesticide application tools including Gro1 Backpack Sprayer consists of three major accessories:

  • Tank to hold the spray mixture
  • Pump to put pressure
  • Nozzle/wand to deliver the pesticide in the desired spray pattern.

Gro1 Backpack sprayer is commonly used due to its multi-use feature like compactness, ease of use and convenient mobility. Backpack sprayer consists of pressure regulators which allow spray delivery at a constant pressure. The constant pressure is must for consistent application of pesticides and so it must be kept in good working condition. The periodic cleaning and inspection procedure is a must.

It is very important to know the total volume of the spray tank so that you can determine the area that can be covered per full tank. Mostly backpack sprayer can hold 4 to 6 gallons of spray mix. It’s cleaning is very crucial. After every use, the spray tank should be rinsed carefully. Otherwise, pesticides are corrosive in nature and can damage tank’s internal areas. It is suggested to use different sprayers for insecticides and herbicides. If your spray tank is made of plastic and either diesel or fuel oil is used as content then after using it clean immediately. The oil may saturate the plastic that could affect future applications.

Normally, backpack comes well equipped with trigger valve and spray wand. A single nozzle is attached to these. Nozzles come in various shapes and sizes and are carried by most agricultural chemical dealers. Common types of nozzles include:

  • Flat-fan nozzle– It makes a narrow, oval pattern with conical edges.
  • Solid-cone nozzle– It is used for spot treatment.
  • Even-flat-fan nozzle– It makes an even pattern across its width, usually used for band or strip spraying.
  • Adjustable nozzle – It adjusts from solid stream to cone.

Pros and cons of Backpack Sprayer

Gro1 Backpack Sprayer pros include:

  • Small size
  • Easy to use
  • Easy mobility
  • Versatile tool
  • Efficient for spraying small acreages and spot spraying
  • Convenient to spray hard to reach areas
  • Useful spraying tool where large spraying units like tractor, helicopter are not available

Gro1 Backpack Sprayer cons are:

  • Technical knowledge for calibrating required
  • Improper spray may lead to dead plants and waste of money
  • Useful only for small areas like home gardens, yards, etc.
  • Manual backpack spraying takes lots of time compared to using tractor or helicopter
  • Its takes a toll of the person’s strength who is spraying the area

Dealzer’s Gro1 Backpack Sprayer 16L/4 gallons for Gardens

Dealzer is an online hydroponics mega store that sells over 1500 hydroponics systems and supplies. It sells from small hydroponics systems that support 2 plants to large turnkey systems for commercial use. It also offers you with the option to buy hydroponics supplies and make your own hydroponics system to grow on your own. Its hydroponics supplies includes everything from grow medium, nutrients, air pumps, air circulation internal fan, backpack sprayers and many other products and accessories. Read more for details about Gro1 Backpack Sprayer 16L/4 gallons for Gardens Hydroponics system.

The Gro1 Backpack Sprayer 16L/4 gallons for Gardens is perfect for spraying water, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and many mutli uses. It comes with 16L (liters)/4 Gallons Capacity.

Dealzer’s Gro1 Backpack Sprayer Features:

  • 3 Interchangeable nozzles that can be used for different spray patterns
  • Heavy duty and strong 5ft hose
  • Strap for convenient carrying
  • 29-59 PSI
  • Comes with Replacement parts

Gro1 Backpack Sprayer 16L/4 gallons for Gardens is made from the highest grade polyethylene plastic. This allows it to resist deterioration from insecticides or herbicides. Gro1 Backpack Sprayer 16L/4gallons for Gardens light-weight Sprayer is also useful for cleaning solvent-free preservative treatments and detergents. It can conveniently be worn on the back of the user, like a backpack. This will give you maximum portability and ease to use. You can easily maintain your garden weeds pests and disease free by easily spraying with Gro1 Backpack Sprayer 16L/4gallons for Gardens.


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