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Gro1 Digital 120V Timer

Timers are used to not only make the system automatic but also to give an orderly form of working for the devices. You can set your system to automatic mode and go away for a few days without any worry.

There are different types of timers available in the market. There are timers that can be used for a number of purposes and there are also timers that are used for specific purposes. The Gro1 Timer is a timer that can be used for timing a number of devices. All you have to do is plug in your Gro1 Timer and make your system automatic.

Instructions and Features

  • Specifications – The dimensions of the Gro1 Timer is 8.75 inches Width by 4.3 inches Height by 3.5 inches Depth. The Gro1 Timer weighs around 1.0 lbs.
  • Digital timer – There are 2 outlet digital timers in the Gro1 Timer. These timers can be used for different purposes like for setting the time of the grow lights, or the heating systems or temperatures controls, watering system and many more.
  • On/Off increments – There is an option of one minute On/Off increments in the Gro1 Timer.
  • On/Off Cycles – It has the feature of providing up to twenty different On/Off cycles.
  • Load capacity – The Gro1 Timer Instructions has a max load of 15 Amp Max Load with a voltage of 120v or 240v.
  • Auto mode – When the Gro1 Timer Instructions is set to the Auto Mode, it works automatically. You do not have to switch on and switch off the timer when in need. You can put it in the automatic mode if you are going somewhere far or do not have the time to look after the system for days.
  • UL Approved – It is UL Approved. This means the Gro1 Timer is safe for operation. It is not prone to any harmful effects neither to the environment nor to the user.
  • Surge Protector – The Gro1 Timer is also equipped with a Surge Protector. This is a protection to the timer and makes sure that any sudden external fluctuations do not affect the working of the Gro1 Timer.
  • Warranty and Guarantee – The Gro1 Timer offers a warranty of one year with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. That is, if you are not satisfied with this product you can return it within 30 days of purchase.
  • Functions – You can set the Week, Hour and Minute of the Gro1 Timer. There is a clock mode where you can set the device to function in the clock mode. You can program your timer into the way you want your system to function.

Usage of the Gro1 Timer

The Gro1 Timer can be used for the following:

  • Grow Lights – The Gro1 Timer when used for the grow lights helps to control and monitor the light emission from the grow lights. That is, you can set the light emission timings on your Gro1 Timer. In this way you can be assured that your plants get ample amount of lighting whenever they need, even when you are away. Also the problems of too much light emission are avoided thereby reducing the wastage of light and also reducing the heat output.
  • CO2 Generators – The CO2 generators uses the help of this timer to control the CO2 production inside the grow systems. The CO2 level should always be maintained. There are carbon filters that helps to prevent the odor from escaping the grow systems. It makes sure that the odor is retained within the grow box. The Gro1 Timer helps in the functioning of these carbon generators.
  • Cooling Systems – The Gro1 Timers are also used to control, monitor and set the cooling systems like the Fans and Air conditioners. The timer can be set for the switching on and switching off of these cooling systems. Also the time can be adjusted on automatic mode and the Gro1 Timers know when the plants need cooling systems to keep the environment cool.
  • Irrigation Systems – Another usage of the timer is for the irrigation systems. The timers are used for timing the flow of the oxygenated and deoxygenated air to the plants. It is used to set the timing for pumping the water or the nutrient solution to the growing chamber for the roots of the plants to absorb.

The Gro1 Timer is in fact a great blessing in all terms. It makes your whole working systems automatic.

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