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Grow Herbs and Tomatoes At Home

Growing herbs and tomatoes at home is the best option these days. We don’t know what chemicals are used on the so called fresh vegetables we get from market so instead of risking our own health, we should spend some time in gardening in the small space available to us. Both tomatoes and herbs are good for health and growing them in the kitchen garden makes easy availability. They are even more beneficial when grown along side or together. We will see those factors later here. First, we will see the reasons why we should grow herbs and tomatoes at home.

Why grow herbs and tomatoes at home

Herbs and tomatoes will be the most used kitchen ingredient and makes an essential part of our daily dishes. Growing them at the backyard makes their availability easy and convenient. We simply pluck the ripened fruit right from the plant, when needed. As for the herbs, they grow faster and can be harvested more often. Dry them to preserve and store in a cool and dry place for future use. They make a healthy habit as well as a healthy diet without much use of chemicals. Growing them at home also makes a good time pass and fun for many. So why not turn the fun part for our own benefits!

Companion herbs for tomato

Companion growing is to grow two or more types of plants together that support each other’s growth in a positive manner. Without the use of chemicals the herbs can improve the quality of the tomatoes any day. It helps the plants grow healthy and also resist many pests and diseases. There are certain herbs that help the tomato garden.

Basil and tomato, the pair in kitchen also goes along well with each other even when they are growing. Basil keeps the mosquitoes and other flies away from the tomatoes when growing. The taste of tomatoes is also improved in presence of basil plants.

Thyme has a delicate scent that can improve the taste of tomatoes while growing as well as while eating. So why not have them grow together. Simply plant the thyme along the border of the tomato growing container and you have the tastier tomatoes.

Mint has a strong aroma that is pleasant to some and repelling for others. This repelling effect is what makes it a great companion for tomato plants to keep the caterpillars and other small insects away from the tomato plants. Using the mint as mulch around the tomato plants helps deter ants, fleas, rodents and other insects.

Dill plant also makes a good insect repellent and helps tomato plant to grow without hindrance. But do not plant dill and tomato along side in the same pot or container. Just keep their pots closer otherwise they may interfere with each other’s growth.

Chives improve the taste and growth rate of tomatoes. When there is Chives along the tomato garden there is lesser need for a fertilizer.

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