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G8 LED 240 Watt LED Grow Light with 8-Band IR and UV 3 Watt Chips

Grow lights are an integral part of the confined indoor gardening systems like the hydroponics system. Each grow light type has its ups and downs. There are various types of grow lights in the market and a grower gets confused as to which one to choose. There are many criteria to choose the right type of grow light. The grow lights have to be compatible with the growing plant type. The many grow lights available in the market are fluorescent, LED, HPS lights, Metal Halide lights etc. According to the grow light reviews 2014 the most efficient has been the fluorescent light Hydrofarm T5 followed by the Sun System HPS light and others. Here is what the reviews have to say about the top rated grow lights of 2014.

1. Hydrofarm FLT24: It is a 4 ft T5 fluorescent light from Hydrofarm with 4 light tubes. It is suitable for stout plants that do not grow higher. The bright light from the grow light provides the right photo-synthetically available radiation for the plants. The brightness of the grow light has nothing to do with what the human eyes see. It is what the plants can utilize. Many grow lights in the market do not provide the right lumens (8000) or do not disclose how much they provide. The Hydrofarm FLT24 T5 light gives what they promise.

2. Sun System HPS 150 grow light fixture: The compact HPS grow light system is a surprise topper. It can deliver 16K lumens with the ideal color spectrum for the plants. The silently working light system has in-built ballast, reflectors, and cooling system to safe guard the plants. The provided hanging system allows implementation at an ideal distance. The constant cooling keeps the interiors cool. Since this system is used in smaller grow cabinets, the cooling system has major importance. These features bring this system to the top in many grow light reviews of 2014.

3. Sun Blaze T5-24 is another fluorescent grow light that has gained many reviews in the year 2014. The only drawback discussed about it is the non-mentioning about its long term performance. Farmers who grow lettuce and other green plants have given high remarks for this grow light.

4. Hydrofarm FLCDG125D grow light system uses the CFL bulb to illuminate the grow cabinet. This grow light has earned many reviews in 2014 for its full daylight with the spectrum providing bright light that equals sunlight for the small grow areas. The success of it is because of the fact that most indoor growers use small grow areas and this light correctly fits inside those space. For its size, this grow light produces less heat, this also increases its advantage. The ideal distance is 2-4 ft above the plants.

5. G8 LED 240 watt grow light is another grow light that got many positive reviews. With a longer life span and more than 6 ft coverage area, this G8 LED light makes a new rage. The users have given it 4 ½ stars for its performance and efficiency.

These grow light reviews 2014 are only a few of the most voted ones for the year 2014. Choosing the right light for the grow area is the most important criteria. The number of good reviews comes only second to it. Choose wise to have a nice harvest.

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